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What I Snap:
– My go to quick & healthy snacks
– My favorite workouts
– Lessons learned in clinic
– Lessons learned on networking
– Life in North Dakota

Why I Snap:
– To document as I work towards my PT dreams
– To work on my public speaking & video speaking skills

I play all day on Snap.
Come say hi!

Do you have a fav podcast? Two Knowbodies. Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart
Back when I discovered there were podcasts by physical therapists!
Trying radishes for the first time! #NationalNutritionMonth
Back when I joined in on a National Nutrition Month Twitter chat & tried radishes for the first time. Surprising taste, but I loved them!
Quick Lunch! Oatmeal = oats + hemp + coconut manna + cinnamon
When I’m rushing for lunch I go with oatmeal & all my favorites to make it more nutritious! If you haven’t tried hemp yet, you’re missing out on a ton of healthy fats & minerals & fiber <3

♥Snapchat :: ptcontender