5-Points Friday, Pre-Physical Therapy

She Challenged Me, 5-Points Friday

Sometimes the people we need in life are not the ones we are given… At least this has been true for myself. I was recently reminded just how important it is to keep surrounding myself with people who are good for me ( this “good” is so different for everyone ). Not only am I super selective in ‘real life’, but also in my ‘social media life.’ 

most popular tweet —

^^btw I have accepted the challenge let’s goooo!

pre-PT read of the week —

I recently saw an article going around on twitter about a physical therapist who works with his local police department. I never even thought about working with the police! It’s important for me to hear about the different career paths because I want to be open to all kinds of opportunities and possibilities.

“We need to change the culture to go to PT when not injured so we can prevent or reduce the risk of further injury,” Jonte said. —

Read it ::
-Denver police physical therapist treats officers, saves city millions >>>here.
-the PT in the article is Dr. Daniel Jonte

healthy tip of the week —

[ HEALTHY TIP ] Chia seeds. Sprinkled on basically everything.

I like to sprinkle chia seeds on oatmeal, cut up fruit, and the random baked potato..

My favorite is adding them to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Flashback to elementary school but it’s sooo good! Especially if I make them in a packed lunch for the day.

[ PRO TIP ] I always spoon the chia seeds on the jelly-side of the bread ( not the pb ). It’s less messy.

But why chia seeds? So many reasons, but here’s one:

“when consumed, chia seeds create a gelatin-like substance in the stomach. This gel-forming action is due to the soluble fiber in chia seeds, and it can work as a prebiotic that supports the growth of probiotics in the gut.” –Dr. Axe

Need more info? I usually do…
More in this article that lists some really persuasive benefits for them ::
9 Chia Seeds Benefits + Side Effects >>>here.

a bowl of chopped up apples with cinnamon, peanut butter, and chia seeds on top

something new I’m trying —

so this is where the title comes into play…

I’ve been challenged! Last week, Felicia Wenah, a DPT student and I were talking about how I struggle with public / video speaking and I wanted to get better at it. She said that I should start by communicating with people by voice message or video message to get used to it. She said eventually I’ll work up to doing facebook / insta live videos, but for now I’ll gradually get out of my comfort zone.

Very much a baby steps approach and it’s already helping. I have been audio texting people a lot more lately and it was super awkward the first few times. Now it’s only awkward in the beginning of the message, and honestly at the end of it too when I’m trying to conclude my message lol. Like I said ~ baby steps.

Here is the recent panel Felicia was on ::
How to be a leader in social media >>>here.

quote I’m reflecting on —

Remember that it is not the lawyer who knows the most law, but the one who best prepares his case, who wins. - Napolen Hill, Think and Grow Rich quote

As a pre-PT, I will notice myself randomly imagining my life as a PT. Do you do this too? I wonder what kind of PT I will end up becoming. Where will I work? Will I work for myself? Which patients will I be helping? Who will I work with? 

Just like the Denver police department’s physical therapist ( btw the Denver fire department has a PT too!) there’s bound to be more and more opportunities for PT’s in those areas. It’s just another reason to keep exploring options and keeping an open, hopeful mind for the future of physical therapy!


Is there a certain person whose career path has inspired you to pursue the path you are currently pursuing?

^^Would love to hear!

See you in a few for #MedTermMonday~


5 thoughts on “She Challenged Me, 5-Points Friday

  1. I wouldn’t have thought of PTs being in police and fire departments, but it makes complete sense! As I’ve been moving toward a paralegal career, I find inspiration in Cynthia, the college’s Paralegal Studies program coordinator. She’s smart, sharp, organized, and encouraging. She keeps student resumes on file and send them to lawyers whenever she feels there’s a good fit!

    1. I’m inspired by Cynthia now too! She must be a great resource for you and other students too :)) That’s how I imagine the PT clinical coordinator will be when I have one one day haha. Thank you for always sharing your story, Laura Beth!

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