5-Points Friday, Pre-Physical Therapy

Quinoa + Duck Legs, 5-Points Friday

I’ve been blogging on PT Contender for over a year now and it’s interesting to see how much I’m inspired by the physical therapy community on social media. I’m getting more involved and learning more than ever so that’s why this 5-Points Friday includes resources from a physical therapist who recently gave me some advice, current DPT students who are running a successful podcast, all along with one of my healthy staples that I have every week. 

most popular tweet of the week —

^^ Yesterday there was a #GetPT1st Takeover on social media and the basic idea of it all was to flood everyone’s feed with stories about PT and the benefits of it. I’m glad I participated because I got to read and learn how physical therapists talk about PT to the public. Check out that hashtag if you want to learn more!

healthy tip of the week —

[ HEALTHY TIP ] Make a big batch of quinoa that lasts a few days.

Add it to practically anything. Scrambled eggs, sautéed leafy greens, fresh vegetables, cucumber salad. Use it as a topping on salads, put some black beans on top. Endless possibilities here.

Quinoa is versatile, and more importantly :: s i m p l e
I always go with simple dishes because I don’t like spending all night cooking / cleaning..

1 cup of cooked quinoa contains ::
-antioxidants (anti-cancer)
-manganese ~ 58% dv
-magnesium ~ 30% dv
-fiber ~ 5g
-Dr. Axe

[ FUN FACT ] one of my fav dishes is fried rice, but now I make fried quinoa instead to up the nutrition benefits 😉

research article I’m reading —

Dr. Lenny Macrina recently tweeted this research article, Rotator Cuff Repair in Adolescent Athletes ( >>>here ) and it’s the one I’ve chosen to go through for this month. 

[ FLASHBACK ] In this week’s #MedTermMonday post ( >>>here )I mentioned that I’ll be reading at least 1 research article a month to get practice for PT school

Also, Dr. Lenny Macrina is one of the PT’s who gave pre-PT’s advice about applying to PT school in Resources from the #PTfam >>>here.

Find Dr. Lenny Macrina:
-on his website lennymacrina.com >>>here
-on twitter >>>here

physical therapy podcast I’m loving —

Duck Legs podcast logo

If you’re about the #PTfam, then you probably already know about this podcast, Duck Legs. It’s hosted by DPT students who do the best job of educating while having a good time.

Here’s the 5-star review I recently gave them on their facebook page:

As a pre-PT student I am always looking for the best resources to learn more about PT and the profession. After listening to my first episode of Duck Legs I was hooked not only because it was exactly what I was looking for (knowledge of PT), but also because it was entertaining and refreshing at the same time. One second I was laughing about someone eating Chipotle and crying in the corner, and the next second I was scribbling notes trying not to miss anything about specific questions to ask during a job interview. This podcast is educational & hilarious, and I highly recommend!” -Me on the Duck Legs Podcast facebook group

Find Duck Legs Podcast >>>here.
Find the episode I mentioned >>>here.

quote I’m reflecting on —

You want support? Stop sharing your Million Dollar Dreams with people that only have a one hundred dollar mindset. - Steve Harvey

^^I saw this quote on Dr. Lisa Holland’s Instagram account. I have mentioned her before because she is such a role model physical therapist / leader for me. She is so opinionated, and unafraid to speak her mind, which I admire so much. Definitely follow her if you’re pre-physical therapy!

Find Dr. Lisa Holland’s website >>>here.
-on twitter >>>here.


What book are you reading right now?

I’ve been on snapchat more lately. Isn’t it weird as soon as snapchat takes a weird turn that I start getting back into it? I like the close-ness of the app. It feels more intimate for some reason. It’s fun to have another way to connect + it helps me get better at video speaking <3


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