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[ SIDE NOTE ] If you don’t know what I’m talking about w/the creativity challenge, read all the details in Scheduling Creativity >>>here. 

This is the 21st consecutive post I’ve made – and the most consistent, by far, that I’ve been on the blog! It feels great to have kept this commitment to myself.

Isn’t it cool how keeping even the smallest of commitments to ourselves make such a difference? I learned a lot about myself and blogging during this mini-challenge.

I’ll reflect on the whole challenge another day, and now I’ll just say it made me prove something to myself :: that I can & should write much more frequently here! 

But on to current events in my PT Contender world! ( lol like let’s get back to ME right?? )

If I’ve learned anything from blogging and social media, it’s the fact that it is important for me to share my story.

And that means sharing the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens that don’t seem as noteworthy. It’s important because if someone can learn anything from my journey, then I want to share it all.

Today I did some research on PT school interviews and I found some good ones on Katie Avila’s blog, My Road to PT >>>here. 

By the way, I’ve followed Katie since right before I started blogging. She is the only person I ever reached out to when I was creating PT Contender and she had some very smart things to say about blogging.

[ BLOGGER ADVICE ] Katie told me that she never shares too much on her blog or social media. She said that she plays it smart & safe when it comes to writing about her real time schedule and where she is during the day. I think this is amazing advice for anyone wanting to blog because we are so open these days — people share their favorite restaurants all the time & their routines, so it’s an easy thing to slip up on. Highly recommend checking out her blog for other words of wisdom besides her PT journey!

Here are the posts I found on Katie’s blog that I found so valuable for my upcoming PT school interview:

  • Tips for a Successful Interview >>>here
  • First Interview at UMES >>>here
  • Second Interview at CSU Fresno >>>here

Lucky for me she talks about interviewing at 2 different DPT programs, which included a 1-on-1 interview and a group interview.


I’m off to watch The Killing ( anyone ever watch this?? I watched the first episode recently & now I’m hooked! ) and eat a huge bowl of popcorn…

[ POPCORN PRO TIP ] Try shaking some cayenne pepper and Italian seasoning on your popcorn — SO good <3

See you tomorrow for #MedTermMonday~



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