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A Rollercoaster Journey for Pre-PT

You know how I said the prePT journey is a rollercoaster?

No? Here’s twitter proof:

I know I’ve had disappointing news to share these past couple of days and I really think that’s just apart of the process of applying to PT school at this point. You can read more in Moving on from a DPT Program Rejection ( >>>here ) and in yesterday’s Double Rejection ( >>>here )!

On the other hand, I had the best news ever today!

I received an invitation to an interview at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, PCOM. 

I believe I applied there back in December. There are soooo many reasons I am excited about this school and I’ll make that post for another time.

Today I just want to share this happy news and hopefully show you guys how you can get rejected by a DPT program on Valentines Day, and then invited to an interview at a different, more fitting program the very next day! 

I’ve got a lot to do before my interview. I still plan on retaking the GRE so I’ll be focusing on studying for that ( by the way I’m doing magoosh ). I still need to look at plane tickets from North Dakota to Georgia, figure out what I’m going to wear, get my papers in order for the day of, and figure out where I’ll be sleeping the night before.

Lots to do, and I am so blessed and thankful to have the opportunity to do it all!


Before I go, just a little message directly to other students applying to DPT programs right now… If you let yourself get discouraged, just remember that each day is another opportunity to do whatever we want to do. I’m not going to say I have not gotten discouraged, because I truly have. But I always have to remember that if there are still spots open, then I still have a chance, and I don’t ever want to waste that. If you ever need to talk about it, then I’m here! Just message me on my contact page, or email me at

Thank you all for being so helpful and encouraging lately. It has helped a ton!



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    1. That was such a helpful article! You really have written on so many PT topics, haven’t you? You are so inspiring! And that is so kind of you to offer — thank you!! I am about to email you about it 🙂

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