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Double Rejection

It’s pretty fitting that yesterday I talked about moving forward after being rejected by a DPT program, specifically Baylor’s newer 2-year program.

It really fits in with today’s post because I got an email from UND, University of North Dakota. It was basically another rejection email because it stated that they would not be inviting me for an interview.

I expected this to happen with UND after I met with a professor there last week. They suggested that I apply to other programs – which actually makes a lot of sense. There are other schools that I can be competitive at ( hopefully! ) if I just apply to the right ones.

For example, UND does not allow more than 2 retakes. They let you choose the 2 classes that you would like for them to use for the retakes, and then after that, they’re averaged together. This is a crucial piece of info that I should’ve known before applying because I have retaken more than 2 classes!

So I had to share this because there are different programs that all of us pre-PT students should be applying to, but they are probably not the same from person to person.

Part of the journey to becoming a PT is understanding where I fit in best and what will fit me best.

I hope anyone else on the path to DPT is pushing through the rejections and unknown territory because it will be worth it! ~I also hope that you guys had a great day, whether you celebrated Valentines or if it’s just another day. If you’re wondering, I made the best upside down banana cake for this day of love.

Oh and I don’t say this enough: thank you for reading!



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    1. Aww thanks girl. I appreciate it :)) Also, I love following along on your running adventures on social media. You are killing it!! <3

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