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Moving on from a DPT Program Rejection

I was recently rejected from the DPT program at Baylor ( the 2 year program ) so naturally I needed to know why.

It’s very competitive so I had a good idea of the reason I didn’t make it ( low GPA ) and they state the minimum required GPA is 3.0. Mine is a 2.7.

I still applied because I admire the program and thought there might be a chance.

I got to talk to the admissions coordinator there yesterday and want to share what I’ve learned In case anyone else can benefit.

So I emailed her about a month ago asking how I could improve and be more competitive for the next cycle. She responded with a list of things that help an application. One suggestion was getting experience as a personal trainer, athletic trainer, or coach.

Next, I decided to call and talk to her about it a little more. I had some questions I needed answered..

But first, let me just say there is a lot of debate about one of the questions I asked her: whether or not to get your Masters degree to be more competitive. There are a couple posts on the Pre-PT Grind fb group if you’d like to see the different opinions on it.

So I asked her about the Masters degree. She said there may have been a couple who had their Masters upon acceptance into the program, but that it wasn’t necessarily the best path for me.

She said to definitely retake any prerequisites that I got a ‘C’ in. And I actually need to double check how many I ended up deciding against retaking.

Also, the Baylor program uses the highest grade achieved when calculating prerequisite-GPA, pGPA. On the other hand, they combine the two scores for the cumulative-GPA. So it is a lot easier to bring up the pGPA.

She also said to retake the GRE. I got a 157, 145, and 4.5 in mine. I knew I was going to retake this before reapplying but it was nice to hear her say it would help.

[ SIDE NOTE ] the math was much harder than I thought. If you struggled in Chem or Physics because your algebra skills were rusty, then definitely spend more time than you think you should here. That’s what I should have done!

So now my plan is to recheck my transcripts to see which prereq’s I got C’s in and to decide if I’m retaking them. And then, to get a better GRE score.


I hope this info helps some of you out on future applications!

I’m off to put my new puppy in her kennel for bed which she is not going to be happy about. Learning to train a puppy is probably one of the most challenging things I’ve ever tried! Any words of wisdom?

See you on Valentines!


7 thoughts on “Moving on from a DPT Program Rejection

  1. Hey Jess! I still have all of my rejection letters. Bergomy has some great videos about studying for the GRE. If you really need help with the math section, let me know. It’s not advanced mathematics but the content is more about logic. I could relate to the exam anxiety. Don’t stress it too much and try again!

    1. That’s funny about your and Bergomy’s letters – I’ll have to keep mine too :)) And yes, I’ll definitely let you know about the GRE! I’m trying out magoosh now. Thank you, Matt, for your words of wisdom!

  2. What is so sad is that many such prerequisites are things you may never use. I recall one time feeling bad that I’d failed my first real estate exam. Mostly, the legal due to the legalese language, but none the less, a fail. I learned that one of the best agents out there had failed it twelve times! Often these requirements are just hurdles to get over and not a reflection of how good you will be. I wish you the best on that.

    1. I am adding social media but I’m starting to question if I’ve emphasized it enough! It’s definitely something I’ll have to double check if I need to reapply. Thank you, Dr. Jasmine!

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