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Acanth Remember my Medical Terminology

Last Monday I started a new series for the blog called Medical Terminology Monday. The first one is called Learning a New Language ( >>>here ) and today, for day 15 of my creativity challenge, is the second #MedTermMonday!

And this weeks’ term is one that I have NO memory of from my actual medical terminology class.. so it’s a good one for me to try and actually learn more about.

[ SIDE NOTE ] I highly recommend doing some sort of med term day yourself because going through the process of choosing a term, looking up the definition, and reading up on it a little before posting has been very helpful for me!

medical term :: acanth-

Definition: a spiny process; spiny or thorny – medical dictionary

example: acanthesia

breakdown: acanth (spiny, thorny) + thesia (perception, sensation)

acanthesia, acanthocytosis

“acanthesia = pinprick paresthesia; an abnormality of cutaneous sensory perception that causes a simple touch to be felt as a painful pinprick”Mosby’s Medical Dictionary

example: acanthosis nigricans

breakdown: acanth (spiny, thorny) + osis (disease, abnormal) + nigricans (blackening)

“acanthosis nigricans = brown or black skin discoloration on various parts of the body which apparently feels like velvet. It can be caused by hormones, different medications like birth control, or it can also mean something more serious like pre-diabetes or cancer” – American Academy of Dermatology

Please feel free to join in on your own social media for #MedTermMonday. And tag me if you want ~ I would love to see what terms everyone else decides to focus on for the week!

I’m about to put on 89 layers of clothes so I can take my new puppy out. It’s like -1 outside right now and I’m pretty sure there’s no truer love than waiting around out in the North Dakota winter for my dog to go to the bathroom…she’s so worth it though!!

Stay Warm & don’t forget your coconut chapstick ~


p.s. how funny am I with this title, right??


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