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A Job Interview Question

For the sake of keeping up with posts for my creativity challenge, I’m writing this real quick before I get to bed. I’m waking up really early tomorrow for something exciting! It’s not set in stone yet so I’ll wait to announce it.

Anyway, I had a job interview today and I want to share an interview question that I really need to practice! I wasn’t really stumped on the question, I just felt like my answer wasn’t the best…I just need to practice.

Here’s the interview question ( or statement really…) —

Tell us about yourself.

Basic, right?!

I definitely should have that one down by now. I think I focused too much on researching the place I was interviewing at and not enough on practicing what I wanted to say about myself…

What is a summary of what you say in job interviews when you get the “Tell me about yourself” question?

see you tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “A Job Interview Question

  1. Tell ne about yourself…

    I believe in possibilities more than limits.
    I believe in starting over more than failing.
    I believe in this moment more than newspaper spins.
    I believe together we make a difference.
    Beginning right here, Right now.
    Are you ready?

    Awesome idea for a post!
    You are going to rock the interviews!

    1. Oh wow I love all of that, especially ‘starting over more than failing.’ That’s a beautiful answer, Dr. Andrea, thank you! :))

        1. Oh wow, I just read through the questions and I’m going to work on answering them for myself! Thank you for sharing 😊 I love working on my self including self awareness ❤️

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