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My Kinda Super Bowl Sunday

And on day 7 of my creativity challenge, I ALMOST skipped a day…

But I decided that I’d write one real quick even if it isn’t the greatest. So today, Super Bowl Sunday, I had a pretty uneventful day until the last half of it..

I woke up, had a cup of coffee, and got some work done while watching The Great British Baking Show ( seriously look this up and watch if you just want a giant dose of happy, carefree entertainment ~ it’s SO good. like I need to go to London asap ).

Next, my apartment complex had a Super Bowl party so I went over for some bbq & socialized for a little.

Then, I went to the post office to drop off a poshmark sale that sold earlier today.

[ SIDE NOTE ] I’ve been selling preowned clothing on poshmark for a few months now and am making a little extra money with it ~~ anyone else do this?! Let me know & I’ll follow you there!

After the post office, I drove to pick up my friend, Kristen, to bring her to a bar in downtown Grand Forks. We met her boyfriend and some friends there and watched the Super Bowl for a little while. Honestly though, I talked more than I watched the game lol

Kristen is a travel physical therapist and a health coach. She has also created a social media presence which I think is a great example for pre-physical therapy students wanting to venture more into social media. 

She is really consistent with her posts and does really well with Insta stories, and now facebook lives! I just really admire her drive and effort to keep putting herself out there.

Find her on Instagram >>> @Kristen_runyourlife

Or on Facebook >>>here.

I recently tweeted about “dropping a loser friend, and adding a winner friend” in my life. Well, Kristen is that winner friend I was talking about.

It’s so important for us to keep good people around, whatever “good” means from person to person, and for me Kristen is an amazing person for me to be around! I look up to her a lot for her work ethic, creativity, and how genuine she is.

So that’s what I’m reflecting on tonight: feeling thankful for the friendships in my life and even the lessons I’ve had to learn to figure out when it’s okay to distance myself from ‘friends’ and when to be very selective about them.

Anyway, it’s late so I’ve gotta finish my cup of Calm tea and get to bed!

see you tomorrow~





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