5-Points Friday, Pre-Physical Therapy, Self Improvement

Pre-PT Students Persevere, 5-Points Friday

It’s been a productive week starting with my creativity challenge (hello day 5!), and ending with a job interview. I learned about a new type of physical therapy, oncology rehab, and got the opportunity to talk to a physical therapist who I’ve been following on social media for over a year now. One of today’s 5-points is a gem of advice from Dr. Kat Castro for pre-PT students, which I’m dying to put into practice! I’m also still on my Casey Neistat kick and don’t see that dying down anytime soon. One thing to wrap up this week: there is SO much that we can and should do as pre-physical therapy students – let’s start now!

most popular tweet —

^^listening to a lot of Healthcare Education Transformation podcast lately >>>here

physical therapy fun fact —

I learned about a new kind of physical therapy recently.

It is physical therapy for cancer patients, also called oncology rehab.

Basically oncology physical therapists help people who have been diagnosed with cancer or those who are going through cancer treatments. These patients are unique because they may have been through surgeries or radiation treatments and therefore have specific PT treatments too. I still need to learn more about this, and hopefully observe it somewhere in person!

I learned about this on Cancer Rehab Austin’s website >>>here.

pre-physical therapy tip of the week —

Yesterday I got the chance to talk to Dr. Kat Castro, a physical therapist practicing in New York and Connecticut. I met her on twitter last year when I was looking for some advice on certifications. She has her CSCS, and also teaches yoga & pilates, and lots to say on the subject!

She gave me a piece of advice that I think other pre-PT students need to hear :

“Get a job making people move.” – Dr. Kat Castro

She said its very important to be able to talk to people ( regular ppl — not just classmates ) and teach them how to move their bodies, which is something she saw a lot of PT students struggle with when she was in school.

This makes SO much sense to me & I really want to put this advice to good use ~ Beyond thankful she told me this!

Check out Dr. Kat’s website >>>here.
& on twitter >>>here.

video I’m replaying —


It’s basically Casey Neistat week in my world bc I am watching all his videos and he inspired my current creativity challenge ( find out more >>>here )Ā 

So far, this is my fav. I think it’s perfect. I love the message, and it’s very fitting for us low GPA pre-DPT hopefuls.

Quite a few professors in college told us to not even apply if we didn’t have close to 4.0 GPA’s so I’m sure it’s happening in other colleges too. Hopefully I’ll be another example of a low GPA student who made her Doctor of Physical Therapy dreams come true ( like Dr. Ben Fung! )

quote I’m reflecting on —

Always the stairs. Never the escalator. -Casey Neistat

In yesterday’s post, Social PT Contender >>>here , I said I might be posting about this morning’s job interview. Well, I forgot it was 5-Points Friday, so I’ll actually save that story for tomorrow šŸ˜‰

I’m off to write a thank you email to my interviewers from today and then I’ve got to figure out how to make a healthier beef stew…minus the beef lol I’ll let you guys know

see you soon for creativity challenge day 6!




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