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Something blew my mind yesterday, and I’ve got to share here.

I already mentioned this on twitter but I need to expand because I love this topic…

Basically, social media & how real it is ( right, Casey?! )

This tweet explains it all:

I’ve talked about how amazing twitter has been for me as a pre-physical therapy student before, and it is still true to this day

Ways I’ve used social media as a resource as a pre-PT student

  1. Connected with other pre-physical therapy students all over the country to talk about everything from hobbies/life in general to our personal journeys to PT school.
  2. Right now I live in North Dakota ( literally the coldest place in the US. I’m not kidding ). And before I moved here I lived in Alabama/Florida. Right before I moved to ND, I tweeted to a physical therapist who lives up here & after a couple tweets back + forth, she invited me to observe in her clinic. ( thanks Dr. Steph! )
  3. Reached out to current PT students to connect and follow along on their journeys through their programs. I love seeing the different ways they use their own ‘special something’ in their personalities combined with what they’re learning to help others.
  4. Got invited to be a podcast guest on The Pre-PT Grind!
  5. ‘Met’ Sam from Braidologie and we’ve been friends for over a year now. It’s been amazing to bounce ideas back and forth on projects that we are working on ( aka Pre-DPT Society! )
  6. I learn something new every single day from #socialPT. Even if I am just listening in and reading what is being posted, I’m learning. But by getting a little more involved, I’ve been able to develop some meaningful relationships that I couldn’t have found without social media.


But let’s talk about #1 up there^^

Yesterday in the Pre-PT Grind facebook group, a girl shared a video about PT school. I watched it, friend-requested her, and saw that she went to the same university that I went to…

I was so surprised!

I didn’t go to a huge school and I guess I miss home a lot so I was really taken aback.

I’m usually pretty private about my hometown/personal life so I kinda surprised myself when I commented:
“thank you for sharing && OMG I went to UWF too”

And then ANOTHER girl replied to my comment and said that she was from UWF too…

So in like 5 minutes I got to connect with two different pre-PT’s who went to my college, all the way from North Dakota to Florida!

It is so weird that my PT Contender life and my ‘real’ life are starting to overlap. It’s not a bad thing…I’m just still getting used to it.

how do you use social media for your career/future career?

I’ll be posting again tomorrow and I’m still enjoying the creativity challenge so far. I also have a job interview tomorrow morning so maybe I’ll write about that!

see you then~~



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  1. So so happy we got to ‘meet’ through blogging!! Now it’s just a matter of time before we meet in person! 🙂 When I first started, I was pleasantly surprised with the online PT community and how many resources are available for pre-PTs!

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