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2018 So Far

Yesterday I let you all in on my goal to do a creativity challenge, read more on Scheduling Creativity >>>here. 

[ Long Story Short ] ^^ I’m challenging myself to write a blog post every day for the next 3 weeks 

So I’m back again with a short update on my journey to becoming a top contender for PT school!

DPT Programs So Far :

I am currently applying to these DPT programs:
– Baylor College ( 2 year civilian program — rejected in December )
– Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
– University of North Dakota
– University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
– University of St. Augustine
– Rocky Mountain University

A couple weeks back ( here ) I said I wasn’t comfortable sharing the schools I applied to — I got over it & decided to share because on the other hand it has helped me seeing where others have applied to.

Currently :

I also mentioned in my last post that I am on the hunt for a physical therapy aide/tech position. I have applied and am waiting to hear back from clinics/hospitals in my town right now.

Getting a PT aide/tech job is a big deal ~~ a lot of current PT students have talked about how much it has helped them in their programs or with getting accepted to schools, so that’s my motivation.

Plus, I have about 200 hours of volunteer/observation in various clinics, so I would love to spend even more time and energy in a paid position. Fingers crossed!

[ Quick Question ] anyone else put their blog / social media on their resume? 

Looking Ahead :

Some people asked me what my New Year’s Resolution was and I realize I never blogged about it, but that’s because I didn’t really make one…

I have some goals I am working toward and hope to accomplish in 2018. One of them has to do with group exercise classes! My favorite way to work out is group classes ( spin, tabata, bootcamp, yoga, pilates, I love it all! )

So I have a project I’m working on now that has to do with that, but I’m not ready to say just yet.. very soon though!

Does anyone still use Snapchat?
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^^I’ve been off Snap for a while, but I’m getting into it again.

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see you tomorrow for my 4th post in this creativity challenge <3



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