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Scheduling Creativity

Can we schedule creativity?

casey neistat’s vlog every day challenge

Do you know who Casey Neistat is?

He’s a filmmaker and I recently learned that he used to vlog on youtube every single day. And he did it for his creativity and to challenge himself to tell a story every day.

And after seeing this video : DO MORE >>>here I was an instant fan because I can tell he has a ton of creativity to unleash.

Everything from the music, to the way he records and speaks, and the variety of shots ~~ basically watching all of his videos back to back.

Anyway, it made me think of my own creativity and how I ‘feel’ it some days and don’t other days…

So after learning about Casey’s challenge I want to do it too. I think if I create something ( write a blog post ) every day, then I can learn to be more consistent and I won’t rely on days when I just ‘feel’ it.

Casey scheduled his creativity, and I think I can too…

my version of the creativity challenge

Also, I’m just going to eaaaase into this… I’m not about to Forrest Gump and run across the country in one go.

[ FUN FACT ] The farthest I’ve ever ran was a half marathon, so 13.1 miles a couple years ago. & before I ran that 13.1, the farthest I had run was only 7 miles…so spur of the moment half marathons are possible lol maybe not recommended, but totally doable

[[ FUNNER FACT ]] during that half marathon the course went through a neighborhood and a group of good Samaritans set up a table at the top of a hill & served everyone free beer ~~ seriously the best tasting & fasted chugged beer I’ve ever had #BudLight šŸ˜‰

So back to the challenge..
Instead of posting every day from here until forever, I’m thinking every day for 3 weeks.

So, expect a post from me every single day for the next 3 weeks. I’ve never done this before so I’m excited to see what comes of it.

I started yesterday with Not just a DPT Applicant, which you can find >>>here. ( it’s about how I look at the application to DPT programs a little differently than I used to )

Do you have a habit you’re creating for yourself right now?
How do you cultivate your own creativity?

I’ve seen a lot of ..hmmm… angst? and shade being thrown all over the whole New Year’s resolution thing lately — I’ve never understood why people get upset about other people making changes in their lives… like the whole attitude is unnecessary & negative & a lot of wasted energy, you know? I’d rather support someone even if their new habit of going to the gym every day or never drinking another soda in their life thing doesn’t last.

^Really want to make sure I put my energy / focus to good use & good vibes only etc.

currently in the midst of finding a PT aide/tech position, so more on that tomorrow!

ttyl <3



7 thoughts on “Scheduling Creativity

  1. Love this. You’re going to crush it the next 3 weeks! A way I like to “cultivate my creativity” is by batching my work. I find for myself it’s much easier to just pick a free day during the week that I spend purely creating content for the week(s) ahead.
    Whether that be writing blogs, IG captions, etc.

    1. Thanks, Kevin! That’s so efficient. Do you have a schedule for blogs or IG captions/posts at all? I am always interested in how ppl do their IGs bc I haven’t spent much time with mine…

  2. I don’t typically have an exact schedule, but I do like planning out my posts ahead of times. So on my content creation day I’ll sit down and first brainstorm ideas for blogs and IG posts. When it comes to IG it really depends but generally I’ll come up with ideas for what I want to post either every day of that week or most days. After I have a plan of what I post each day, I then do the caption writing ahead of time. For some posts I don’t bother writing captions ahead of time if its something simple that I’m not going to be putting a lot of thought into. However, my personal style consists of writing long captions for a good chunk of my IG/facebook posts, so that content creation day comes in handy for me to just write long captions for all the posts I’ll be making that week. Same for blog posts, I’ll have a list of topics I want to write about and just get into a flow and write a bunch of posts. I then schedule them all out for the weeks ahead so I can spread my content out. For IG I need to do a content creation day each week but for blogs depending on how many I write during that day I only have 1-2 days a month currently where I just write blog posts. I’m still learning too but doing it this way has helped a lot and I don’t have to worry about not knowing what to post that day. Got to give credit to another influencer Amanda Bucci for this idea of batching content.

    1. Very cool! I’ll look up Amanda Bucci. And thanks so much for all the info on your process! Batching seems to work really well for you and I’ve vaguely heard of it before. Love how efficient it seems. I’m going to look more into it now :)) You’re doing an awesome job with all your content creation btw!

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