5-Points Friday, Pre-Physical Therapy

Pre-Physical Therapy Life, 5-Points Friday

Pre-Physical Therapy Life. I hope you all are doing exactly what you want to be doing in life. I know I wasn’t for a long time, and now that I finally am, I could never go back. Sometimes it takes a while to get into a career that you want to be in ( hello PT school ), so why spend any more time working on things that won’t get you there? My path to PT school is not always pleasant ( looking at you, chemistry ), and it doesn’t always seem possible ( you too, physics ), but all of that effort is being thrown into achieving something that I 100% believe in. I hope you are working on yours too :)) 

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So I mentioned a little while ago that I was a guest on the Pre-PT Grind podcast. It was totally unexpected, and I was super nervous to do it, but I’m glad I did because the only thing that will make me less nervous is practice practice practice. Here is the link to the podcast : Pre-PT Grind podcast.

If you’re pre-Physical Therapy, you NEED this podcast in your life. Everyone’s stories have been exactly what I’ve needed to hear. I talk more about them in my Resources section.

I’m on episode 14 : Jess – PT Contender: Blogging & Networking as a Pre-PT
Find it : here.

current events in PT  —

Apparently physical therapy education is being examined, discussed, and changes are being proposed to how people can become PT’s. I don’t know all the details, but this post by Dr. Bria Varner helped with some of the basics.

Education of the Physical Therapist
from Dr. Bria’s blog post

Right now, we don’t have to do a residency after graduation, but I believe that is what they’re debating. Definitely check out her post to get a little summary!

Find the article here.

what I’m celebrating —

A couple months ago, Samantha ( creator of Braidologie & fellow pre-Physical Therapy student ) and I co-founded the Pre-DPT Society in order to have a virtual pre-physical therapy club. You may remember me talking about it in these posts : here , & here .

Earlier this month we were so excited to publish our first submission from practicing PT and writer/editor, Dr. Jasmine Marcus. She has been so supportive and it really helped me a lot to learn about her work day. ( Really fun, insightful write-up on her full day of work which you can find here. )

Last week we published our first ever submission from a pre-PT student! She is such a sweetheart and very intelligent! If you’re anything like me, you’ll love reading her A Day in the Life.

Meet the Author: Rosita Ramirez, University of the Incarnate Word, TX. Majored in Rehabilitative Science. Find her on twitter: @rose_ir13
We have big dreams for Pre-DPT Society :))

We are just so happy that our little club is growing and that we are seeing more participation. It’s so fun & I seriously think it’s a great idea for students to get the experience of writing something (esp PT/health-related) and have it published online. I believe it shows passion for the profession because it’s all extra-curricular!

what I’m reading —

Speaking of Pre-DPT Society…just last night Samantha posted her A Day in the Life feature. She is the adventure-seeker and brains behind her blog, Braidologie, and she wrote about her post-grad life and how she is balancing work, school, blogging, and our new club! I could especially relate because she talks about a traditional Filipino dish called Chicken Adobo. So so so good!

Braidologie: Running, Travel, Lifestyle
some Braidologie love <3

Find her feature here.

quote I’m reflecting on —

"When launching something new, you have to go for it -- "playing not to lose" ccan never be an option."

I’m off to pack up my closet and try setting aside things I don’t need. Though I really do NEED all of my yoga pants, I swear. I only have a few days left in my apartment until we go to a studio and I’m excited to be in a new space ( oh & save money too! ).

Oh, and — today I am starting this Plank Challenge again in case anyone wants to join! It’s the Plank Challenge for beginners that I made earlier this year. I do each set 3 times a day. Also, if you just want to take a look & critique it, that would be cool too, because it’s the first one I’ve ever made ;))

^^ share with a friend & keep each other accountable (( it’s 20 days, you got this! ))

What do you think you’ll be up to this time next year?
Have you ever done a plank challenge?

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Plank challenge for beginners 20 day challenge

12 thoughts on “Pre-Physical Therapy Life, 5-Points Friday

    1. Hi Caz, I’m glad you liked her Day in the Life :)) & jack Welch has a lot more empowering quotes if you liked that one. Thanks for reading!

  1. I just adore your five point friday! You are doing SO much right now- killing the game! Woohoo! I can’t wait to check out Samantha’s blog & that quote is spot on. Also, need some planks in my life- thank you for sharing, Jess! XO

    1. Lol I need planks in my life too. I seem to always slack on core, and of course that’s what I need most! & Samantha has a really fun blog — she is a runner just like you so you two will get along great :)) thank you so much for all the love & encouraging words ❤❤

  2. Great post Jess! If you have any questions about DPT education, feel free to ask! My cohort had that debate before heading out on clinical rotations. I am sure I am not the only DPT student who read the discussion on the proposed changes for education of future Physical Therapists. What is evident is that something needs to change so that PTs do more than the bare minimum to keep the patient safe. Physical Therapy is more than a glorified journey to licensure. The analogy I use is that everyone wants to be the best Nascar driver but we’re only learning enough to take grandma to the grocery store. The biggest change that needs to happen though is instilling genuine belief in upcoming PTs and cultivating a culture where we are able to hold our own in any setting as opposed to the trend in private practices turning to out-of-network and cash-pay models to fight against the failing business models exposed by the decrease in insurance reimbursements combined with the increase in “red tape” needed to acquire authorization and appeal denials to prior claims. This is the reality unfortunately. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you, Matt! That was really helpful because I actually haven’t thought about PT education very much — I have focused more on just getting in to programs, and what the PT profession is. I also have no idea about the insurance and out of network stuff. I really like the driving grandma to the store metaphor :)) thank you for your input — you’re an awesome resource!

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