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Guest-Hosting a Twitter Chat, The Full Report : Part 2, What I Would do Differently

If you’re interested in guest-hosting a twitter chat, then you should do it. It’s not difficult at all, and if I can do it, then anyone can! You can learn from the mistakes I made and see how I would do things differently if I hosted again in the future.

If you’d like the in-depth report leading up to the chat, go HERE for part 1. It goes into more detail about the planning and prepping process.

Part 2 of the report is all about things I did to make my life easier during the chat, and things I would do differently in the future. I want to share this with all of you in case you ever want to try your hand at guest-hosting! (P.S. you totally should!)

First of all, it did NOT all go as planned…

& I STUMBLED through the beginning.

Just a little though. I mean, I didn’t start at the wrong time or anything..

Or… maybe I did?

… yeah I kinda did.

This leads me to my first lesson learned. You can say I learned it the hard way…

#1 — Confirm the time & date of the chat.

Seems pretty basic, right?

Next time, I will most certainly ask what day & time they want me to hold the chat. This is important because bloggers are from all over the world! I am in North Dakota, and in the Central Time Zone. FitBunnies Chat is in the Greenwich Mean Time Zone.

On the day we arranged the chat, I saw that they had listed GMT as their time zone in their Twitter profile and assumed that was when I would hold the chat. It seems that a quick Google search would easily do the time conversion for me.

UNLESS, that isn’t actually the time of the chat.. FitBunnies did a good job of advertising the event. They had several tweets leading up to it, and they made sure to list the day & time it would be held.

My mistake is that I didn’t even double-check that the time they were advertising for! The time zone they listed in their advertising tweets was BST. I prepared for the GMT time I saw in their profile. These times are an HOUR apart. So, I was ready for 1pm where I live, but I should’ve been ready for 12pm!

Fluffy panda socks cutest socks ever
Fluffy panda socks perfect for settling in for a twitter chat

Guess when I realized the mistake?

I realized it at exactly 12 pm my time because I just happened to see that FitBunnies posted a ‘5 minute warning’ about the chat starting.

Panic mode. I was in panic mode for an everlasting minute. When I read that ‘5 minute warning’ tweet, I froze. I froze like Hermione had petrified me. Or like a frozen shoulder. Or like North Dakota most of the year.

[ PHYSICAL THERAPY FUN FACT ] Did you know that ‘frozen shoulder” is technically named “adhesive capsulitis”? It’s painful & limits movement of the shoulder.

I made a quick decision to just go with it. I started the chat. It was probably 12:01 pm at that moment. I hurried up and tweeted that the chat was about to start, and then I started.

That moment of being stuck only lasted for about a minute, but it FELT much longer.

That was probably the hardest part. The beginning.. In the past I probably would’ve taken a lot longer than a minute to figure out what I was going to do. It was nice to look back afterwards and realize that I had acted pretty quickly.

lesson learned — Communicate with the chat founders & confirm the date & time of the chat.

this is more my aesthetic — light blue & classic … up ahead there is lots of pink coming up ( fair warning in case you’re anything like me & bubblegum pink is a bit much )

#2 — Schedule the images.

When I was planning out my questions, I used Canva to design images for them. I also made sure to use the pink background color that FitBunnies uses on their logo. I guesstimated on the color and made sure to match it.

I had the images downloaded from Canva, and saved into a folder on my desktop.

I also named each image in the folder. For example, the first image was an icebreaker question, so I named it Icebreaker. The next image I would send out would be the first question, so I named it Question 1. Pretty simple, and it helped a lot, especially when I was rushing to begin “on time.”

lesson learned — I would use automated scheduled tweets to send out the questions so that I wouldn’t have to manually send each one. Another reason I will schedule them in the future is because it’s a chat! Hosts are usually facilitating and participating in the chat, so not having to send out each question allows for more time to interact w/others.

Here are all of the questions I used in the chat, along with the ice breaker first, and concluding image:

Icebreaker —

Icebreaker: unrelaed to today's topic, BUT it's Father's Day... what gift would you give your dad if you had all the $$?
I chose this as an Icebreaker question because it was current & relevant for the day. And honestly I was missing my dad since he lives so far away!

Question 1 —

Q1: What is something on your bucket list (health-related) that you have not done yet? (ex: a triathlon, teaching a healthy recipe show, writing a book, etc.)
Got some inspiring answers to this one!

Question 2 —

Q2: If you could shadow anyone in the health & fitness world for 1 day, who would you choose? (ex: fitness instructors, athletes, bloggers, etc.)
I would shadow Cassey Ho from Blogilates <3

Question 3 —

Q3: You are planning a huge wellness retreat for all your friends. What would you have there? (ex: hot yoga classes, meditation sessions, etc.)
Honestly asked this because I want to go to one someday ;))

Question 4 —

Q4: If you could design your own pair of dream workout leggings, what would they look like?
I would’ve worn a lot of the designs that were mentioned. Like when Mai ( @Once_Upon_A_Run ) answered with fun ‘Galaxy’ leggings!

Question 5 —

Q5: If you could wake up tomorrow morning and go on a walk or run anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I would easily choose Hawaii. And then I could have a fresh mango & pineapple afterwards :))

Ending & Thank You —

Thank You for today's chat! Chat Challenge: reach out to someone you 'met' from this chat -- maybe do a collab, or even become accountability partners! Thank You!
Super important to thank everyone for participating in the chat.

#3 — Advertise more.

I will do a lot more of this the next time I host a twitter chat. I advertised a little bit, but I could have done more. Here’s what I did to get the word out:

I posted about it on Twitter a few times. In addition to the question images above, I made a separate image to be used for promotional tweets. Here’s an example:

“ Ready for a fun Health chat? We’ll be using our imaginations today ;)) #FitBunniesChat “

#FitBunniesChat Sunday, June 18, promotional tweet image
“Aspire to Inspire” — I added this phrase from the #FitBunniesChat Twitter profile. It’s good to use details from their usual branding especially if there is little communication!

Another thing I made sure to do was tag bloggers and other people in the health-field on Twitter inviting them to the upcoming chat. There were also a few others that I messaged directly.

The next thing I did was mention it in a blogger Facebook group. I basically invited everyone in the group to join. I only did it once, and in the future I would do a lot more of it. I wouldn’t spam the group, I’d just drop an invitation in a few different blogger / health Facebook groups.

lesson learned — Next time I would make a few different versions of a promo image just to mix it up a little and maybe promote more interest. I would also promote more in FB groups and on other social media.

Guest-hosting a twitter chat for the first time was a little daunting, and for sure didn’t go as planned, but it was a huge learning experience, and I’m happy I did it and learned so much in the process.

I look forward to doing more of these in the future, and I hope you’ll join in!

I’d love to hear your experiences & learn from you!

What are some of your favorite Twitter chats?
What is a fear you have overcome lately?

If you still need to read Part 1, find it here : Guest-Hosting a Twitter Chat, The Full Report Part 1: What Worked + What Didn’t

Oh, And : I’ll be doing this —>  Plank Challenge  <— starting this upcoming Friday. It’s a simple & effective 20-day plank challenge & I’m doing it to start the Fall semester off on the right fitness foot :)) Join me! Want to know if you’re in correct plank position? Snap me! ( my snapchat = ptcontender )

If this helped you out, please share on Pinterest! I’d love it if there were more people hosting chats <3

Thanks for visiting!

— jess

Guest-hosting a twitter chat, the full report: 3 things I'd do differently, part 2

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