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Hanging out on the APTA Website, 5-Points Friday

The APTA. The American Physical Therapy Association’s website and I have been hanging out a lot lately thanks to my personal statement/ essay to get into Physical Therapy school. I’ve been using it as a resource and trying not to get lost in all of the info there. There’s so much! From the Advocacy section to the Patient Care section, there is something there for everyone interested in PT. Even a PT podcast category. I need to explore more. Highly recommend.

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^^ I retweeted that because The Knowbodies podcast ( @twoknowbodies ) are trying to get Bill Nye as a guest! How could I not try & support that?? Oh, and there is a little dancing in that video too :))

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physical therapy fun fact —

Physical Therapists can help with headaches! I read a blog post written by a current PT student and learned a ton about the different types & causes of headaches, treatment plans, and actually got a really good anatomy refresher too.

How can a PT help with headaches?

“During a physical therapy evaluation, a PT will examine all relevant structures (muscle, cervical joints, bone, connective tissue, nerve) that can cause headaches.”

Oh, and :

“If there are any structures that are restricted, inflamed, or injured, a physical therapist can then treat the identified source through various techniques to rehabilitate the affected tissue.”

Source: Andrew Moran’s post on his website Rehab in Motion, A Guide to your headaches : Causes & Treatment : here.

physical therapy lingo —

I’ve been spending more and more time on the APTA’s website (APTA = American Physical Therapy Association) and have learned a lot of basics when it comes to the profession! As you may know, physical therapists are experts of the body’s movement system. I knew that the movement system was everything that helps the body move, but I got a little more clarification on what exactly that includes:

APTA’s definition of the movement system:

“The ‘movement system’ represents the collection of systems (cardiovascular, pulmonary, endocrine, integumentary, nervous, and musculoskeletal) that interact to move the body or its component parts.”

Source: The APTA website : here.

quote I’m reflecting on —

Tetris taught me that when you try to fit in you'll disappear. - Unknown
Thanks to Dave Kittle ( @DaveKittleNow ) for sharing this on Twitter!

^^ I had never heard of this quote until this week when Dave Kittle ( @DaveKittleNow ) shared it on Twitter. Love it!

Dairy-Free Update :: It’s going great! I feel waaaay better and my skin looks better too. I’m having zero digestion issues and a lot less blemishes. I also feel very… light? I’m so so happy I am trying this out and definitely see it being my regular day-to-day diet.

ICYMI :: a new post went up earlier this week — Top 5 Study Music Stations on Pandora + Tea Pairings. I wrote about all of my go-to study/work music stations & combined it with my love for tea, so it was a lot of fun to write :))

Instagram :: I have been sloooow to get into Instagram and am just now using it more. There are a lot of amazing physical therapy, nutrition, and strength & conditioning accounts on there and I’ve been surprised by how educational its been lately! Find me there : @ptcontender 

Another 5-Points Friday in the books, and another week finished! I’m sipping on some Natural Calm with fresh ginger tea tonight and doing a little foam rolling while my boyfriend and I watch Bloodline. It’s a great story & the characters are done so well — and as a Florida girl at heart I can tell you that the clothing is spot on Florida dress code!

Did you know that physical therapists could treat headaches?
Oh, and, what should be on my Must Watch list for Netflix shows?

Hope you all have a great week! I will be busy doing some PT application stuff and getting ready to move. Oh, and just a thought, I’m very excited about the future & I hope you guys are too :))

Talk soon!

— jess

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