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Top 5 Study Music Stations on Pandora + Tea Pairings

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I’m very particular when it comes to my study time. I need things to be juuuuust right. Not too cold, not too hot ( maybe a little too much like goldilocks when it comes to the room temperature..?). I either like QUIET or instrumental music OR music in another language ( so that I can’t get distracted by the words).

I’ve been studying for the GRE and it actually hasn’t been too bad. Maybe I’m just happy it’s not straight Chemistry?
( Flashback to that crazy semester : here )

Since I’ve been having so many long study sessions lately, and having a full schedule despite them, I want to share how I hurry up and get myself into a study mindset: my go-to study music stations.

I also sprinkled in some tea pairings just for fun.

loose leaf earl grey tea for study vibes
Earl Grey tea! My favorite guilty pleasure Starbucks order is a London Fog ( earl grey tea + vanilla + steeped in soy milk, like a latte ). Try it :))
  1. the tried & true — Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

    This is easily my most played study station. There’s something about settling in with a cup of tea and the Harry Potter soundtrack that gets me in the study mood! For a long time I only had one study station, and this was it. I’m glad I added others to the list, but I will always keep this one around.

    vibe: Inspiring & Magical

    sample song: Harry’s Wondrous World

    how it works: Imagine being in the Great Hall with Hermione studying for O.W.L.S. and maybe getting into that restricted section of the library.

    tea pairing: Earl Grey

    Close-up of the beautiful Earl Grey loose leaf tea
    Here’s a close-up of the pretty Earl Grey loose leaf tea.
  2. the timeless classic — John Williams (composer)

    John Williams is the composer for the earlier Harry Potter movies, and a lot of other recognizable soundtracks, like Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Indiana Jones. Needless to say, lots of random adventure songs play on this station.

    vibe: Fantasy-like & Adventurous

    sample song: Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Song

    how it works: Let yourself recognize the surprise Lord of the Rings songs that pop up out of nowhere. Just like Frodo & Sam were on a quest to middle-Earth, I’m on a quest to PT school, so it’s a great reminder ;))

    tea pairing: Black, with a splash of milk

  3. the easy breezy — Hawaiian

    I like to switch to this tropical station when I want something light and easy going. It’s a good mix of casual & soothing, and great for if I’m stressing too much over a test. In the end, it’s just a test and it won’t be the one determining factor of my life — it’s nice to remember that the little habits I keep everyday will make the biggest difference.

    vibe: Happy & Carefree

    sample song: Ki Ho’alu

    how it works: Rub some lavender oil on your wrists and listen to this one when you’ve got an hour left to study before bed. You can study & wind down all at once!

    tea pairing: Natural calm with chamomile & lemon

    notes for studying and the best no words study music
    Anyone else like to use computer paper / unlined paper for notes? It makes me feel more free!
  4. the spicy hustle — Bond

    This is 2nd study station I found. I don’t even remember how I found out about this group, but they are unforgettable! Bond is an all-female string quartet, and their music is upbeat, passionate, and energizing. Think SPIKED classical.

    vibe: Strong & Feminine

    sample song: Explosive

    how it works: Use this when you need to make a deadline like an essay for your PT school application or those Chemistry 2 Lab Reports.

    tea pairing: Fresh ginger


    tea infuser with loose leaf tea
    My favorite music for focusing = no lyrics always.


  5. the new favorite — French Cooking Music

    So romantic! My newest addition to my study music fam is this beautiful French cooking station. So random, but very necessary! It has words, but I can’t understand any of it because it’s in French. Bonus: try out the Italian cooking station – also very good with a similar artistic sound.

    vibe: Expressive & Romantic

    sample song: Les Yeux Ouverts

    how it works: I love turning to this one when I want to mix it up! Listen to this and instantly feel more glamourous even though you’re writing out the path of food in the digestive system for Anatomy 2…

    tea pairing: Green-mint

[ HINT ] Anytime a song comes on that has singing ( in English ), I ‘thumbs down’ it. This is how I’ve customized my stations to have no words that are perfect for studying.

tea infuser for loose leaf tea
I use this little tea infuser every day. So useful & budget-friendly! I use it for loose leaf tea.

By the way, if you like loose leaf tea then you need this tea infuser! It is so inexpensive & perfect for everday use. Easy to clean + so cute! Find it : here.

Last week I posted Part 1 of my Twitter chat experience ( here ), and Part 2 will be up soon. Got a question about it? Let me know in the comments or message me on Snap. We can discuss & I can throw it into Part 2!

What are your go-to study music Pandora stations for work or school? What do you listen to when you need to focus? I would love to check out your favorites!

If you enjoyed this post, definitely share it on Pinterest or with a friend who may need to freshen up his or her study music!


— jess

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