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People Exceeding Expectations + Harmony over Balance, 5-Points Friday

This week I’ve really been inspired by people who are exceeding expectations and pushing past boundaries in life. I’m so easily impressed and inspired by the physical therapy students who act on opportunity and do more than just be students. I’m in awe of a woman who created the life that she wanted and the career she envisioned for herself. And speaking of careers, I’m completely blown away by the discipline of one of the world’s most famous writers. Plus, my sister, my little hero, makes a small ( & significant ) appearance!

article I’m reading —

I had to share this article by a current PT student at Angelo State University who, on top of everything else it takes to be a serious PT student, is also writing articles for New Grad Physical Therapy. So impressed.

Her name is Kelsey Hattersley and she has written the featured article of the week! Find her website :: here, and on Twitter :: here.

[SIDE NOTE] Check out New Grad Physical Therapy. Amazing resource for anyone interested in the PT profession!

On the importance of in the PT social media community:

“Immersing yourself in these conversations as an undergrad will not only allow you to prepare for PT school, but will also leave you ready to network after you graduate.”

On getting involved early & how PT’s are life long learners:

“Physical therapy is a fluid and evolving profession in which your education never stops. By getting involved early, you can become adapted to this lifetime of learning.”

Find Kelsey Hattersley’s article, 3 Things Undergrads can do to Better Prepare for PT School :: here

most popular tweet —

Very inspiring episode on The Sheroic podcast.
(( And that name?! perfect. ))

If you know Cassey Ho of Pop Pilates, then you know she’s got a million things going on ( YouTube channel, workouts, nutrition plans, certifying instructors, fitness clothing line ) and nowwww a podcast??

I watched it on YouTube.
Find Femtrepreneur: Why We’re Breaking the Mold in Entrepreneurship :: here

movie I’m looking forward to —

The Dark Tower movie!!! I am beyond excited for this movie because I read all of the books ( there are 7ish ;)) a few years ago & was obsessed. If you like Harry Potter, then you will probably like Dark Tower. It’s definitely fantasy-like with a dark twist, and the characters are some of the best to ‘get to know.’ It’s by Stephen King & just an amazing story.

[ SIDE NOTE ] Can we take a sec to think about Stephen King’s career? Talk about passion & loving what you do & TAKING ACTION. Writing 90+ books just blows my mind.

stephen king has written at least 91 books in his career
I believe Stephen King represents discipline & consistency.

what is motivating me —

I recently got this card in the mail from my sister and have been rereading it a lot! It was so sweet & the perfect reminder for what is important in my life. I’m feeling very blessed and thankful.

For my Sister card that is motivating me to work hard
I have the best sister in the world! So thankful for her :))

quote I’m reflecting on —

I dont believe in balance, but I believe in harmony - Lisa Bilyeu

^^Love that quote by Lisa Bilyeu. I haven’t heard that perspective before & I think it’s realistic and beautiful.

Also, mini-update on my dairy-free life. I started Monday, so I haven’t had any dairy for 5 days now, and my skin looks a lot better, but it may not be because of the dairy… I’m thinking it’s because I just got over my period, so we’ll see how long this lasts. Oh, and I feel better — less heavy/sluggish — since not having any dairy too!

Next week I’ll be posting a fun one on study vibes & how I get into the study zone. I’m very particular about my study atmosphere. . .

**In case you missed it, I created a little tool to help me keep track of digestion/skin/whatever while I’m dairy-free! Feel free to use it too :: Simple Dairy Food Tracker **

Who or what has impressed you lately?
What were some of your weekly highlights? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading <3

— jess

15 thoughts on “People Exceeding Expectations + Harmony over Balance, 5-Points Friday

    1. I like it too! It makes a lot of sense & it seems more honest than being all about balance. Thank you so much, Dr. Danh :))

    1. I really want to try out bulletproof coffee! Question: Is it still hot after blending it up? I like my coffee hot so that is important to me lol.

      1. I just give it a super quick whizz in the NutriBullet. It’s yummy and foamy but more warm than hot. You could add a touch of boiling water to it just before drinking. Love to hear how you go with it x ☕️

  1. I’m so proud of one of my co-workers. It sounds like our senior leadership at our company is going to make him choose between working and law school (Boo!), but he already decided that if it came down to this, he would automatically choose law school. He doesn’t want to throw away this chance. I’m applauding him. I sincerely hope that our senior leadership will come to some sort of compromise so that he doesn’t have to completely resign and leave our company, but that remains to be seen.

    My husband and I went to see The Dark Tower last night. We both really liked it. It was a good movie – The cast was awesome, and the way they told the story was great. My husband has read almost all of the books, whereas I haven’t read away of them (yet). I’m really excited to read them now! And I love Stephen King as an author – One of the best!

    1. Omg well, at least he knows what he’s going to do if it gets to that point! That’s cool though – I like to see people prioritizing themselves :))

      And I can’t wait to see it!! Yeah, I read 7 of the books, but then he released a random book that went between books 4 and 5 (I think?) so I think a lot of people need to read that one still lol. You’ll have to let me know if you start them! I remember it took me a while to get through the 1st book, but then after that I zoooomed through them :)) Thanks for reading!

      1. Yeah, it wasn’t what anyone was expecting. My director probably lost it yesterday. I was off from work, so he texted me and then called me. I really hope something can be worked out – He’s a great employee and we’ll take a big hit if he has to leave.

        Thanks for the tips about the books! I’ve always been curious since my husband started reading them a while back.

  2. I just recently discovered Blogilates on Facebook! I just don’t know how they do it all!! I can barely occasionally blog and train my in-home clients!! 🙂 but, also currently pregnant so everything feels challenging ha!! Harmony and balance seem like close cousins…I’ll think on that for sure!

    1. Oooh wow, that’s one place I haven’t followed her yet – Facebook! I know, isn’t she insane? It’s a lot. And I can only imagine that everything including training clients would be more challenging when you’re pregnant! Impressive :)) Thanks for stopping by, Jess!

    1. Omg! I saw the trailer for IT a little while ago and was afraid of the dark for like a month lol. It’s going to be SO good :)) I’ll have to check in w/you when it comes out. Thanks Connor!

  3. Hi Jess,

    Cassey is so adorable! I remember finding her through YouTube and watching her clean eat videos and work out videos; I love how good she is at advocating a clean and healthy lifestyle and I didn’t realise she had a podcast but I’m stoked. I need to grab the Dark Tower series! Hoping to meet my GoodReads reading goal this year so it’d honestly be great if I got hooked into a series and couldn’t stop non-stop reading 🙂 Besides, I haven’t tried any books by Steven King before, so I really need to get that going!


    1. Hey Enyiie! Totally agree – Cassey is so fun & motivating! And yeah, I used to watch those clean eating videos. I remember a ‘nice’ cream one she made a while ago that I really liked. And you have to let me know if you start reading the Dark Tower books! I remember it took me a little while to get through the first one, but after that it was very fast. Those would be an awesome intro to Stephen King’s books too. And. good luck with your huge reading goal!

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