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Going Dairy Free, 5-Points Friday

Dairy. I’ve mentioned that I was vegetarian for about 6 months a couple years ago, and at that time I was also staying away from dairy. Nowadays, I have milk in my morning coffee and my nightly ( yes, nightly! ) cup of ice cream. Ever since I moved in with my boyfriend, we’ve had ice cream every night and I think its playing a part in the digestive & skin issues I’ve been having. I’ve decided to eliminate dairy to see how my body responds. I’ll keep you posted! <3

article I’m reading —

As soon as I started thinking of going dairy free, I knew the info I needed would be on Dr. Joe Tatta’s website. Dr. Joe is a physical therapist, nutritionist, and a natural care expert. I heard him on a podcast one time, and he is an excellent communicator. Don’t you love when someone can make a point without sounding preachy about it? That’s totally Dr. Joe.

I found this article titled, Got Joint Pain? Why Dairy Makes me Hurt. The title alone intrigued me, and I soon discovered that this was the ultimate ‘quit dairy right now, Jess’ article I needed! Here’s a quote:

“Go without dairy products for 21 days, and you will notice your cravings will be gone, and your pain will be lessened. If you are an athlete, you’ll enjoy increased energy, speed and recovery when joint pain is no longer an issue. “

Read Dr. Joe Tatta’s article, Got Joint Pain? Why Dairy Makes Me Hurt :: here.

most popular tweet —

If you’re getting into Physical Therapy, that episode is a MUST. Find it here.

what I’m drinking —

I rarely buy sparkling water, but this week I was feeling bubbly! So, while I’m working on my PT school application, I’ve been sipping on this and feeling fancy.


sparkling lemon mint water in a glass
[ FUN FACT ] Lemon + Mint help w/digestion!

Lemon-Mint Sparkling Water

  • 5- 6 mint leaves
  • 1 – 2 lime or lemon wedges
  • sparkling water

First, I bundled up my mint leaves until they were all stacked on top of each other, and then twisted them (kinda like lightly wringing out a wet towel ) before I put them in the bottom of my glass. Next, I squeezed the lemon before dropping that in there too. The last step is just filling it up with sparkling water!

tool I’m using —

I made this little table to help keep track of my experience going dairy free. It has a skin section & a digestion section. I’m going to be taking quick note of blemishes on my face, and also how my digestion is going.

What am I keeping track of ? Blemishes/Breakouts & Digestion
Why keep notes? To see if I notice any changes during the experiment

I’m sharing it here in case anyone wants a simple tracker too.

Do you want one? Get the Dairy Free Tracking Printable : here.

I can also email it to you if you want to edit it on your computer instead of printing it!
Just lmk, my email is : ptcontender@gmail.com

quote I’m reflecting on —

Stand up straight. - my momLast week, I mentioned that I was going hiking, and we had such a good time that we are going again tomorrow! My boyfriend is deploying soon, so we are trying to make the most of these weekends together. On that note, I’m off to get my ‘hiking outfit’ ready!

. . . lol jk I don’t actually have a hiking outfit. I wear workout clothes, half a bottle of sunscreen, & half a bottle of bug spray.

How do you feel about the whole non-dairy thing? Do you have any experience with it?
Feel free to drop your favorite dairy free recipe in the comments!

Thanks for letting me share my diet experiment with you guys <3

— jess

9 thoughts on “Going Dairy Free, 5-Points Friday

  1. I’m going through the same exact dairy situation and decided to go dairy free just recently!! I was binging on ice cream earlier this summer (not sure if that was the exact culprit but I have a feeling it was) and my skin was freaking out! Let me know how it works for you! My skin has calmed down a bit over the past 2 weeks so dairy may have been it after all…

    1. Uggh it’s got to be that ice cream! I am not used to eating this much, but my boyfriend is & I’ve just kinda taken on more of his eating habits lately.. not adapting well lol. and yes, I will def let you know how it goes for me. Thanks for letting me know :))

  2. I’ve gone dairy free Jess and feel heaps better for it. Coconut has been my friend in this; coconut milk/ cream/ yoghurt and cashew cheese. Although I still do look longingly at the cheese platter and pizza and sometimes give in. I’d love to hear what a difference it makes for you x Yvette

    1. Hey Yvette, thanks for the dairy-free tips! I love coconut so that will be a great substitite, and I am looking forward to trying that coconut yogurt & cashew cheese. Do you have favorite brands? I’ll def let you know if it makes a difference, thank you :))

  3. Dairy DEFINTIELY made my skin break out plus cow’s milk made my asthma worse! Never knew they had a correlation until a couple of years ago when I’d get an iced coffee at Mc Donald’s and wonder why I couldn’t breathe…crazy!

    I am not completely dairy free now, but have gone months at a time without it so I really embrace its benefit. I completely stopped drinking cow’s milk and only stick to almond and soy. I don’t really eat cheese unless I’m out to eat and am feeling it. And I do have chocolate from time to time, but always keep my intake low. Great post!


    1. Wow. I didn’t know that it affected asthma symptoms. That is crazy! Thank you for telling me that. Going to go read up on that now lol. I love learning about nutrition & the body. Thankfully you have found a minimum-dairy lifestyle that works for you :)) Thank you, Sheila!

    1. Lol you’ll have to tell me if you find one! I haven’t either. I have heard of nutritional yeast for a substitute but can’t recommend because I haven’t tried it. Good luck finding a good one!

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