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Guest-Hosting a Twitter Chat, The Full Report : Part 1, What Worked + What Didn’t

I hope you’re ready because I’m about to give you the FULL report of how I hosted a Twitter chat without previous experience, and without knowing the chat founders.

I’ll be bringing you guys along from the very beginning including how I got the opportunity, all the way to the very end where I’ll reflect on the good & bad of the experience. Also, this is a 2-part series because I wanted to include all the steps I took!

Before we start, I’d like to give a little background into why I do the things I do when it comes to blogging. Sometimes I just wing it & hope for the best ( like that time I was a guest on a podcast ). Other times I get the urge to do something, and I do it in the moment ( like when I joined the March for Science rally in my town ).

But then there are times when I actually have a plan & I make things happen on purpose. (And even then it’s not always smooth sailing, but we’ll get into that later ;)) Which brings us to guest-hosting the Twitter chat…

Why did I want to guest-host a Twitter chat?

  1. health promotion —

    Physical Therapists are not only the body’s movement system experts… They are also Health Promoters & Teachers! They teach their patients how to live healthier lives, and there are so many ways to do that.

    I think it’s important for those of us in the healthcare field to be a part of health conversations on Twitter especially because the people participating are genuinely interested in it. Why not take advantage of the opportunity & get involved by talking to them about common interests?

    And it’s not hard — these are just fun, laid-back chats. The chat I hosted is health-related, so I knew it would be perfect for my goals.

  2. experience —

    Since I believe that Physical Therapists should be getting involved in more of these chats, I wanted to get some practice hosting one. In the future, I would use them as a fun way to teach people how seeing a PT could help at different stages in life, and for health promotion in general.

    A lot of people don’t know anything about PT ( I know I didn’t! ) so I believe a lot of people could benefit.  For this reason, I believe my experience in hosting will help me in my future career.

By the way, I think Twitter chats could work for just about any profession…

I’m pretty sure Gary Vaynerchuk is the one who said to get in on the conversations that are in your niche. He talks about becoming the authority on whatever it is that you’re passionate about, and people from all different fields could tap into that!

Questions to ask yourself before guest hosting a twitter chat

How did I come up with the questions for the chat?

I used 2 different criteria for choosing questions:

  1. originality  —

    I have joined a lot of different Twitter chats, and the ones that stand out are the ones that have creative, original questions. I mean I can’t be in the same Disney chat for the 5th time, you know?

    There are just so many other topics we could talk about! I ultimately went with fun questions that I hadn’t seen before.

  2. on brand —

    I’m VERY much a beginner when it comes to branding. I’ve recently been reading everything I can about it and I wanted my questions to represent me in a way.

    Thinking about who I am, and what I stand for helped me realize that I wanted the overall topic to be about BIG DREAMS. That’s what my blog is about & that’s what I’m about, so any Twitter chat I host should reflect that, right? The topic I went with was : Big Dreams in Health & Fitness.

    Blogging goals notebook and coffee
    Hosting a chat was one of my blogging goals! A lot of my blogging goals have to do with simply getting experience in everything that can come with owning my own blog. It’s not necessarily that I am interested in everything, but I do want to get a little experience in it all!

How did I find a chat to host, and how did I go about getting the opportunity?

I only know of one chat right now that always does a topic on health. It’s called FitBunnies. I have joined a few of their chats, and they are usually about ‘motivation’ and ‘mindfulness’. Pretty much the usual for general health topics.

I saw them tweet something about wanting volunteers to guest-host one of their chats. Right then, I knew I’d be reaching out to them.

Thinking about the possibility got me SO excited & I instantly had a bunch of ideas swirling around in my mind. However, I waited to approach them until I was a few weeks away from the date that I wanted to host.

I really couldn’t believe how simple the process was. I’m going to give you guys the exact conversation that went down because it was seriously faster than a Gilmore girls convo.

This is literally how it happened:

me :: Happy Saturday :)) msg me if you’re still looking for someone to guest host <3

them :: Are you able to host next weekend lovely?

me :: How does June 11th or 18th sound? If not, we can try for another week :))

them :: Either of those would work for me — let me know your preference

me :: June 18th works best. Lmk if there is anything I should know beforehand!

them:: I’ll pop it in the diary and give you a shout the week before :))

And that was it! That’s actually the last I ever heard from them. Honestly, I was a little relieved that I hadn’t heard back because I was excited with the questions I had come up with and didn’t want a chance that they might be denied!

[MINI LESSON] If you want experience in something, then getting it can be a lot easier than you may think. It may even be as simple as a quick tweet ;))

I know, it’s a lot of detail. But it’s only because I want to let you guys know how it all went, and maybe you won’t make the same mistakes that I did when its your turn! ( Part 2 will have the big mistake I made lol fun fun )

Part 2 will also be a lot more of what worked for me and what I will do differently in the future when I host another chat. I’ll also throw in the exact graphics & questions I used. Stay tuned!

I’m off to settle in with some Natural Calm ( magnesium tea ) & convince myself to finish up my essay for my PTCAS ( PT School ) application. Ugh I have been having the worst writer’s block with that thing. BUT I will get through!

Thoughts? Would you ever guest-host a Twitter chat, or have you? Got any tips?

OR would you like to write my PT school essay? ;))

p.s. Are we snapchat friends? We should be! Snap me something happy like your puppy or your Chick-fil-a. There is no Chick-fil-a in North Dakota. Snap me your waffle fries plz.

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20 thoughts on “Guest-Hosting a Twitter Chat, The Full Report : Part 1, What Worked + What Didn’t

  1. Oh goodness, had they not contacted me after those initial messages, I would not have hosted the chat. I get so anxious even when inviting friends out. I get sad when they say no. LOL.

    1. Lol! You’re so funny — well if you ever do host one, lmk & I’d love to join :)) I was so thankful to have you there when I did this one!

    1. That would be amazing, Dr. Jasmine. Thank you so much for offering — I would really appreciate that! I’ll email it to you when I finish it :))

    1. I’m so happy to hear that, Carla! You have to do it! Lmk if you host one & I’ll make sure I join in :)) && as soon as you tweet your first question, all that scariness goes away. You can definitely do it <3

    1. Hey Amanda, it’s easier than you think, I swear! Are you unsure about how to join a chat or about how to host a chat? You should email me & I’ll give you a quick how-to! Email me at, or you can message me on Twitter @ptcontender. I actually just followed you over there :))

  2. This is such a great start! I’m hesitant to start a Twitter, but this sounds like such a great way to get more people involved

    1. Hi Stephanie, thank you for reading! Lmk if you have any questions or when you get on Twitter & we can connect there :))

  3. Girl! You are an inspiration, such a go-getter! I don’t know the first thing about twitter, so this was super fascinating for me. I am so excited to see your blog grow as you check each of those goals off your list- I have no doubt you are going to fly through that list with your personality! XO

        1. lol I will help! And actually I think you would like it not only for the social aspect, but also the educational one — there are a lot of nurses & doctors & healthcare ppl on there :)) Sounds right up your alley <3

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