5-Points Friday

Chat Update and Hemp Protein, 5-Points Friday

5-Points Friday is a new series I’m doing to wrap up a week’s worth of lessons learned, healthy snacks, and little bursts of what I’m up to. It’s also a progress report of how I’m becoming a top contender for PT school. Enjoy!

most popular tweet —

This was from guest-hosting the FitBunniesChat last weekend.  Can’t wait to let you guys in on the behind the scenes of that whole experience.

It’s taking a little longer to write because, well… let’s just say certain things were not ideal, I learned a lot that will help me in the future, & I want to make sure the write-up is something valuable to you guys.

[PREVIEW] it started out MESSY.

what I’m drinking —

I wrote a post about how hemp protein is Queen & why it’s the only protein shake I drink. It’s THE BEST. Find it here: Why Hemp is my Protein Shake of Choice

Hemp Shake

PT school question I’ll be asking —

I plan on asking a couple questions at the end of any PT school interviews I receive. One question I’ve added to my list is:

“Are students allowed to work while in the program?”

[HINT] Please say, “Yes,” because PT school is expensive.

article I’m reading —

VERY interesting & fun article from Canva. I haven’t even read all of it (it’s epic) & just kinda revisit it every once in a while to get ideas for graphics. Enjoy:

Case Study: How One Company Used Canva to Increase Their Social Media Engagement by 1100%

quote I’m reflecting on —

My dad said this one to my sister & I so many times when we were growing up. I’m remembering it more and more as I get closer to applying for PT school.

 Mind over matter quote from my dad

What is a question that you ask at the end of job/school interviews?
What are you excited about lately?

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