5-Points Friday

Guest Hosting and an Invitation, 5-Points Friday

5-Points Friday is a new series I’m doing to wrap up a week’s worth of lessons learned, healthy snacks, and little bursts of what I’m up to. It’s also a progress report of how I’m becoming a top contender for PT school. Enjoy!

most popular tweet —

opportunity I’m ( still ) excited about —

I am guest hosting a twitter chat for the #FitBunniesChat on this Sunday, June 18th at 1:00 PM central time.

If you’ve never joined a Twitter chat before, lmk & I will give you the rundown. This would be a great time to try one out! It will be a health-related topic, but anyone will be able to talk about it ;))

 I would love you all to join in & help me with my first time hosting a chat!

physical therapist I’m admiring —

Dr. Lisa Holland is a physical therapist who I admire because of the career she has BUILT for herself. I love learning about people who have taken their passions & everything they love in life and turn it into a real deal career.

Just read her Insta bio:

Lissette Holland Wms Health Medprenuer w/Spirit😇Goddess CEO life coach 💕DrlisaHollandPT.com & Host of Owning HER Health podcast on i Tunes.💁🏻 www.drlisahollandpt.com

Check her out if you’re into yoga, entrepreneurship, healthcare, & the woman-mom-hustle life ;))

blog post I’m reading —

The author is Matt Villegas, a current PT student. He runs a blog and gives great advice for pre-PT students! If you’re a pre-PT student, reach out to him & you won’t be disappointed :)) 

His most recent article is: Winners? Who is your ideal patient or client?

Here’s one of my fav snippets:

What exactly is your authentic self? For me, this means being absolutely consistent on my main characteristic of authenticity. This is the breath of fresh air that people need!”

This one too:

Who is your ideal client? For me, when imagining the ideal patient, I envision someone frustrated with the current quality of care that feels like a waste of time yet is deeply motivated to do more than watch Netflix all day.”

So much to love in that article!

quote I’m reflecting on —

I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they realized they were slaves. Harriet Tubman

(found this quote on Dr. Lisa’s insta!)

Is there someone you look up to because of their career success?
Are you joining me in the #FitBunniesChat on Sunday, June 18th?

I play all day on Snap & Twitter!

Come say hi :))

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    1. Thats okay, Dr. Lisa! Thank you for being such an inspiration for me. I imagine my future PT career & hope to be involved in a lot of the things you have done to build your career and life. It’s so motivating & I’m very happy to have you as a role model paving the way ❤

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