5-Points Friday

Twitter Chats and a Collab Announcement, 5-Points Friday

5-Points Friday is a new series I’m doing to wrap up a week’s worth of lessons learned, healthy snacks, and little bursts of what I’m up to. It’s also a progress report of how I’m becoming a top contender for PT school. Enjoy!

most popular tweet —

SO excited about this!

I’m officially inviting everyone & you should join because I’ll be randomly retweeting participants.  Also, I’m thinking of doing a post on why I join Twitter chats. Thoughts?

I’ll be guest hosting for the first time ever for @fitbunnieschat on Sunday, June 18 at 1:00 PM.

collab I’m excited about —

I know I skipped last week’s 5-Points Friday, but it was for a good reason! My friend Samantha, fellow pre-PT student & blogger, and I announced the new project we have been working on…

It’s called the Pre-DPT Society.

It’s a virtual club for pre-DPT students or anyone interested in physical therapy, really. We thought interviews would be a nice way to introduce each other to our blogs. Here’s the one I posted: Introducing a Physical Therapy Collab .

purchase I’m loving —

One of my staples = Rosehip Oil

I don’t spend a lot of money on make up or skincare products, because #studentbudget, but this rosehip oil is one thing I will take the plunge for. This is the one that works for me — maybe because it’s organic?


The brand is Essano & I found it at T.J.Maxx for half off the usual price. I ended up buying 2 bottles because I rarely find it!

I use it to moisturize my face & neck before bed :: 6-7 drops does the trick

article I’m reading —

I love a good Communication article.

This one not only teaches about pelvic health, but also how parents can talk to their kids about this important subject!

Read it here: When it comes to discussing pelvic health with your daughter, the sooner the better.

Here is my favorite quote from the article & author Mary Kozelka:

“When we drop our kids off for camp, we remind them of healthy habits like ‘Be sure to put on sunscreen before and after the pool’ and ‘Wash your hands,’ but we rarely remind our kids to go to the bathroom,” Camenga says. “Holding it” for too long, she says, may increase the chance of developing pelvic muscle disorders, incontinence/bladder leaking, and urinary tract infections in the future.

quote I’m reflecting on —

I see athletes of all ages – from 5 up – for things that are sports & non-sports related. What I talk to their parents about is trying to let the kids play multiple sports. The parents often talk to me about having their kids specialize early and I discourage that. I want them to have a couple of months off a year from their main sport and I want them to do something that’s fun for them and less pressure-filled than being on a travel team year-round.  — Juliet DeCampos, Andrews Institute Orthopaedic Surgeon / Sports Medicine Specialist

After my first big collaboration, I’m so curious ………

Would you collaborate with just anyone on a project or do you have certain characteristics or standards that you need to see in that person?

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3 thoughts on “Twitter Chats and a Collab Announcement, 5-Points Friday

  1. Awesome!
    Happy that you are doing well and making things happen with your friend. Twitter is very useful for different reasons and you have been taking full advantage of it!

    I also stopped by to tell you that I have chosen to nominate you for the Mystery Blogger Award, you may choose to accept or decline this award. The following link will have the details: https://fitness9555.wordpress.com/2017/06/10/the-mystery-blogger-award-61017/

    I have noticed you don’t blog daily, do you? or am I just missing your post?


    1. Hey Shay-lon! yesss Twitter is the best for me even for just socializing :)) Also, no, I don’t blog daily — so you prob haven’t missed anything! Thank you for reading & for the nomination! I will definitely check out the post.

      1. Ah okay! good, yes, it has been your friend, I have noticed you tweeting a whole lot lately actually 😀 or maybe they are old tweets who knows. Anyways, you’re welcome!

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