Hemp Oatmeal, My Simple Everyday Breakfast

It’s always:

Oats + Hemp + Water

And some kind of add-in:

Chopped apple
Coconut manna
Peanut butter
Chia seeds
Ground flax

[FLASHBACK] I used to work at this beach resort and every morning they had this amazing breakfast buffet && every morning I’d sneak away from all the tourists and get a huge bowl of oatmeal and just pile on the fresh blueberries. Fresh is where it’s at. No honey. No sugar. Just plain oatmeal & blueberries. That was like the best part of that summer job. HA. Blueberries are easily my fav way to brighten up a bowl of oatmeal.

Nowadays I’m still loyal to my oatmeal.

The same breakfast every single day keeps my mornings running smoothly.

I don’t like making decisions first thing.

I wake up & I’m on autopilot. Start coffee. Make oatmeal. Pack boyfriend’s lunch. Have breakfast with boyfriend. Watch some Athlean-X videos.

I like my mornings like that.

Nice & Easy.

My reasons for making oatmeal my go-to breakfast:

  • It’s quick & easy! It takes me like 5 min to make mine & my boyfriend’s
  • All the fiber keeps everything pretty regular if ya know what I mean… ;))
  • They aren’t the most nutritionally dense food, but since they’re so simple, it’s easy to add as much healthy stuff as I want!

My reasons for adding Hemp:

  • Adds protein
  • Adds fiber
  • Adds healthy fats
  • Adds magnesium aka magic
  • No nasty ass chemicals (it’s literally just crushed up hemp seeds)

I add hemp to shakes too. It’s absolutely the only kind of protein I add to my stuff. I’m not a whey protein kinda girl. No whey, no how ;))

This is the hemp I like: Nutiva Hemp, Organic

For post-workout shakes, I blend up almond milk, hemp protein, cinnamon, and a banana.

I recently found out that Dr. John Rusin eats the same breakfast every single morning too! (Cream of rice lol what??) … I’ve also featured Dr. Rusin on my Resources page.

He said that keeping this breakfast habit is what works for him because he already knows how it affects his body, and that it will be just what he needs to fuel his workouts.

I love learning about the people I admire and what habits they keep.

[SIDE NOTE] An awwwesome podcast to listen to if you’re into physical therapy (or health/fitness/business/pain science in general) is one called Therapy Insiders. That’s where I heard Dr. John Rusin talking about his “Rusin Gruel” habit!

Speaking of habits…

I’m off to plan some meal prepping. I am not organized with my lunches/dinners so this will be my first time meal prepping and I am pretty excited! I think if I can get this down, then I will be able to help future patients one day with their own healthy goals.

Oh! And if we haven’t connected on Snapchat, we should! I am getting closer & closer to the application date for PT school ( JULY 1!! ) so I’ll be doing a lot of documenting/trying not to freak out there. Plus, snap is probably my fav social media place right now. Hope to see you there.

Do you have the same breakfast every morning?
Have you ever tried hemp?
Have you tried meal prepping? Any tips?

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21 thoughts on “Hemp Oatmeal, My Simple Everyday Breakfast

  1. As you know, I don’t eat grains, so my go-to breakfast for the past 19 months has been bacon and eggs. This morning, we ate a pulled pork/apple/bacon/onion/egg casserole that my wife made yesterday for this weeks’ breakfasts. It’s super fast (1 and a half minutes in the microwave), delicious, and filling. As for my workout nutrition, I’ve been criminally negligent there. I usually don’t eat or drink that soon after one of my runs. I do try to have a few dried fruits between 30 minutes to an hour before a run to get some sugar in my blood, but that’s about it. I need to read more about post-workout nutrition.

    1. Yum!! Your breakfast sounds delicious! I took a Sport Nutrition class for my Bachelor’s and the professor always emphasized that as long as we had balanced diets, then we didn’t need any supplementation. Lol then again, it was a bunch of exercise science students, so we were always asking about all kinds of protein & creatine & all that. I’ll have to keep an eye out for any post you might make after changing your workout nutrition habits! Always great to hear from you, EJ :))

  2. Have you thought about adding chia seeds? I used to add hemp hearts, chia seeds, and of course fruit when I ate sweet oats (sweet as in with just fruit lol). I switched over to smoothies in college but always made sure they were super hearty and packed with yums!
    BY THE WAY, I was sooo excited when I saw this post on my TL but you know that cause you saw my tweet!

    1. Yeah, chia seeds are some of my fav add-ins! I recently got a sample of hemp hearts and loved them. I had it on top of a tuna salad though, so I’ll have to try it on oatmeal :)) going to message you about those now bc I have yet to buy my own hemp hearts lol and thank you, you’re the best! <3 <3

      1. I made my own homemade granola using oats/hemp hearts/chia seeds that I ate with greek yogurt! It was a super simplified recipe though with honey because I didn’t always want to splurge on fancy almonds or something!

  3. With summer coming up, I’m really thinking about starting to get back into overnight oats and smoothies again in the morning, I used to love my morning smoothies, they could always be a bit different every day!x

  4. I absolutely love oatmeal in the mornings. I was on a kick for about five years where I had oatmeal every.single.day and even traveled with a back up container of oats in my car out of fear that if I was staying overnight there wouldn’t be oatmeal. That may have been a bit extreme…. but I share your love!!!!!! I never thought of adding Hemp, but I definitely will need to try that now! YUM!!!

    1. Hahah so funny! I have done that before too!! Gotta be prepared for breakfast :)) & it’s such an easy way to get something healthy first thing. Definitely lmk if you try it – you are so creative in the kitchen so I’m sure you’d come up with some fun ways to use it!

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