5-Points Friday

5-Points Friday

Today is the first in a new series called 5-Points Friday.

I got the idea from the one and only Tim Ferriss (I am subscribed to his 5-Bullet Friday emails which are fun because he’s always up to something outlandish & unheard of). Definitely creep on him.

This seems like the perfect way for me to check in with you guys during the week. Plus I love the idea of a little more consistency because blogging has kind of become a creative outlet for me. And when I say ‘kind of’ I really mean it’s my new fav hobby.

Also, it is completely natural for me to avoid schedules like the ZIKA virus so this will be a nice little challenge for me. Enjoy!

recipe I’m experimenting with —

physical therapy fun fact —

Headaches can originate from our breathing patterns. What?? I know!! Too crazy. This week I learned the difference between chest breathing & ribcage breathing. Chest breathing is not so great because our neck muscles attach there (at our chest) so if we are constantly chest breathing, then we are constantly using those neck muscles to help us breathe. We are using them more than we should be, which can exhaust the muscle. Turns out, our neck muscles can refer pain to our heads >> which can cause headaches! What we should do is breathe with our ribcages, which is a deeper breath, that doesn’t refer pain causing a headache. Bottom line: try breathing with your ribcage vs with your chest and see if you notice any difference throughout the day.

new exercise I’m feeling —

Push-up with Side Plank: I have to modify this one. I do the push up in modified push up form (on my knees). After getting to the ‘up’ part of the push up, I get into a plank position, and then twist open to one side to end in side plank. Then, I turn back to plank position, and do another modified push up before repeating on the opposite side. Keep the core tight for this one.

quote I’m reflecting on —

“The only person you need permission from is yourself.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

most popular tweet —

What was one of the highlights of your week?

Have you ever tried making Energy Balls/Bites? I know there are so many recipes out there. (Plz lmk…I am OBSESSED)

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12 thoughts on “5-Points Friday

  1. Hey, girl! LOVE that you are doing 5 points Friday!! This is awesome! Those energy balls look YUM! I love any with oats/cashew butter/chocolate chips/dates, etc! Options are ENDLESS! And I love the side plank! Have you tried using a small weight to lift up and down while doing them? It’s intense, but SO effective! I really need to get on that twitter bus… haha. And highlight of my week: I went to an amazing brunch with a good friend today and it was just a blast. Hope you have a great week ahead, Jess!

    1. Hey Kenzie! Thank you for all the encouraging & happy words!! & also for the cashew butter idea — I have never gotten cashew butter, but I might just have to now so I can experiment more with these energy balls lol :)) And also, for side plank w/added weight…I agree, intense & effective. What weight do you use? I’m building up my strength so I’m just on body weight & sometimes 5 lbs for certain exercises.
      And one day we will brunch together I just know it! Hope you have a great week too💕

      1. Sorry I am just responding to this!!!! BUT I use 5 lbs (when I do it— twice a year—- lol!!!). I need to more often!

        I look VERY much forward to that day much when we can have brunch!!!!! :)! IT WILL HAPPEN! Have a great weekend, Jess!

  2. I’m super behind on all of my reading of blogs! Love the 5 point idea and the breathing thing seems really interesting. I get headaches often and now I wonder if it’s from my breathing pattern. I will test this out! Thanks for the tip!

    1. Oh yeah, you are petite, so that would make sense! I have been trying to remember to breathe deeper & not as shallow, but lately I have been failing at it. I definitely notice a difference when I remember and do some deep breaths — it feels like I get more oxygen & it seems to relieve more tension (which I get a lot of). I’d love to hear how it goes for you too!
      And thank you, I’m glad you like the series :)) I am behind on reading too so no worries. I’ll be over to check yours out very soon though!

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