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The Unofficial Title of PT’s Everywhere

So I told you guys I’d tell you everything I do in order to get in to Physical Therapy school, and I just learned something a couple days ago that has really changed my game plan. This new direction has helped streamline my goals and have more focus on how I want to develop my writing.

My best friend is in PT school now, and we were talking about the essay for the PTCAS online application. She suggested I go to the APTA website and read their Vision statements. Some of their principles are Collaboration, Value, Innovation, and Advocacy.

[TRAINING FOR LIFE TIP:] Anytime you need to write an essay go to the organization’s website to match up some of your values/beliefs/interests to theirs. Goes for job hunting too!

The Game Changer

One principle really stood out to me: Advocacy. This is exactly what I have been seeing on Twitter lately in the PT community. There is a TON of talk about advocating for and promoting the benefits of PT, and it’s for all kinds of health problems from headaches to back pain to urinary incontinence. Basically everything!

The Prehab Guys are a great example of advocates for the profession. They were recently interviewed by the PTAG student interest group and you can find the full interview here!

“There is power in numbers, and the stronger online presence our profession creates, the more awareness we will create in the public eyes to VALUE physical therapy.” -Q & A with The Prehab Guys

Another example is GetPT1st. They post all kinds of ways PT can help people.

[Definitely never thought about PT benefits during pregnancy!]

Today’s take-away’s:
— Physical therapists…
♦ Advocate for the profession
♦ & Educate the public

 And as a big believer in PT, that’s almost too easy.

Have you ever had physical therapy? Did you find the experience beneficial?

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29 thoughts on “The Unofficial Title of PT’s Everywhere

  1. OOOOO Yay! I am so happy that I found a blogger who talks about physical therapy! This was my major before switching over to exercise science. Since graduating in exercise science, I gave thought to going back to school for physical therapy. We shall see, but I am happy I finally stumbled upon someone in the field, I love physical therapy 🙂 When I did my clinicals, it was so much fun!

    1. Oh Wow! My degree was also exercise science :)) I love physical therapy too – there’s so much to learn about and so many different routes you can take with it. What kind of clinicals did you do? I’m glad we stumbled upon each other too!

      1. No way! this is such great news! I think we will be chatting a lot then! lol I found a new blogger friend 😛 perhaps XD
        See, I loved Physical therapy because like exercise science, you have many different settings you can choose to work in, different demographics, and there is a constant learning base, not to mention the job market for PT’s is amazing! always growing.
        Exercise science has its perks too, but it is hard for the job market a bit, because of the over saturation and because it is useful more so in bigger cities vs smaller towns (I reside in a small town) and the pay scale ranges.. but depending on the type of work you do, the median is not nearly as high as physical therapist unless I am a renown personal trainer or strength coach. I enjoy the fact that many personal trainers can work with a physical therapist to help their clients, not side by side but in the instance of being able to network with one another to get information about who they are helping and how to go about doing what needs done.

        I had 3 different settings I did clinicals for: the hospital, outpatient and an athlete setting (where the majority of clients were wounded athletes) it was very awesome! I learned so much and it kept me busy most days.

        1. I know! Yayyy :)) we will definitely be great blogger friends! I’m going to back and read through your blog now since we see eye to eye on so much, and so I can learn more about your personal training and healthy lifestyle 😀 oh and those clinicals sound exciting!

          1. Haha, beware, some of my topics are debatable – where I give my opinion and allow others to always feel free to do so as well. As much as I spit facts, I also keep everything honest in how I feel about things as well (allowing my readers to know that I don’t agree with everything) – which people like honesty and some don’t lol. but hey.. can;t make them all happy at once! hah

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on the world chess champion’s exercise practices. Best of luck with your goal. Don’t get discouraged. Remember there is more than one way to skin a cat. If you want to help people, you will.

      1. It’s never too late to learn new stuff. I am 76 and spent my professional life writing about the markets. After I retired I started doing this blog. Now I am a devoted health writer. There is always a way to go and grow.

        1. That’s awesome! You have so much writing experience. Have you done a post about being a better writer? That seems to be right up your alley :)) love your outlook on life’s opportunities

        1. Oh yeah, I forgot massage schools and cosmetology schools did that too. I was looking at PT schools to apply to, and one school said that their students run the free clinic – but that’s the only one like that I’ve heard of so far. Thx for reading :))

  3. I believe the field of physical therapy is close to seeing a changing of the guard. If you were to ask someone on the street what a physical therapist does, I would bet the majority wouldn’t know or would mistake it for a personal trainer. However, the 2 examples you gave of the prehab guys and GetPT1st campaign prove as evidence of physical therapy finally seeing that marketing is needed for the profession. I look forward to seeing how the field progresses as the general population continues to discover all that PT’s can do to help people. Good luck with your pursuit in this great profession.

    1. Very exciting to hear from someone currently in the field! Until just recently, I had no idea how active the PT community was on social, or just how important it is for the profession to get the word out on PT. Thanks for commenting :))

  4. Yes, physical therapy is important to all of us. When I first started, I had no idea there were so many kinds. The first time my internist sent me to PT was to help me integrate my body and it was a wonderful experience. I’ve had numerous PT therapy referrals since that first one and each has proven important and beneficial. Doctors no longer freely hand out PT prescriptions here and it’s important for me to follow through when they tell me they think PT will help with a particular issue.

    1. The whole referral process is interesting to me too! A couple years ago I didn’t know we even needed referrals to go to a physical therapist. And I was surprised by all the different kinds too! I am observing at the hospital now and it is completely different than the outpatient clinic. I’m glad that you’ve had positive experiences with a PT. Thank you, Sheri <3

  5. I’ve had PT all my life (well, not recently). I’m a great challenge/case study haha!
    When I swam I was the queen of the PT Table as I was forever injured! 😀 xx

      1. I had real problems with my shoulder, which very nearly ended everything (on the morning of a Paralympic race no less). I had to have surgery on that. I also had two lots of ankle surgery – tendon replacement (or something!)
        Me and tendons do not get on! So, yes, as I said, injury queen! lol x

          1. Lol! But of course! It nearly killed me but I won silver 🙂 probably my proudest medal because it was the hardest race 🙂

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