Prehab > Rehab?

If you’re like me and you’re impatient and never do a proper warm up, then this is for you!

I just read this article by Running Injury Specialist, Matt Phillips, called “How to Prevent Running Injuries: Using Prehab to Avoid Rehab.

The whole idea of PREhab for runners is to make yourself stronger so that you don’t injure yourself and end up needing REhab…

My major takeaway from the article is an exercise called the “Lunge Matrix.” Basically, the lunge matrix is a variety of lunges (back, front, side) that runners should be doing before running to protect themselves from injury. 

[FUN FACT] The guy who came up with the lunge matrix was Gary Gray, a physical therapist!

Here’s what I learned:

“Given that many of us have tight hip flexors due to sitting down all day, a controlled dynamic stretch that progressively increases range of movement in the hip before we start running can help us run more efficiently with better form.”

Just another reminder that by sitting so much lately I’m putting myself at risk…

And this:

“Preparation for efficient running form cannot be achieved by simply preceding your run with a five minute jog.”

So Lunge Matrix = Warm Up

Prehab has been making a lot more sense to me lately, especially while observing at my inpatient setting in the hospital because I am seeing patients after knee replacements and one of the reasons for their slow progression is the lack of prehab before surgery.

What do you do for a warm up? I’m so curious now about what everyone else does for warm ups!

7 thoughts on “Prehab > Rehab?

  1. && this is why I stress how important a warm up is for my client/friend before we start our actual workout. i won’t lie, there have been days I have skipped a proper warm-up and I used to do it all the time but now I am better at remembering. I always have whoever I am teaching do one as well. This is very important! good content:)


  2. Really glad you make them do one! I would much rather warm up and cut a work out short, vs. skipping the warm up and doing a longer workout. Same amount of time, but one prevents injury, and the other puts you at risk for one. Thx Shay-lon :))

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