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Reason #237 to get out of a fitness rut

I’m definitely in a rut, and yesterday I decided I was done being in a rut. So I stood up, did 10 lunges on each leg, 10 air squats, and 10 bridge ups. No weights. No sweat. Super easy.

Then, it was time to make my bed.

[SIDENOTE] So, I wash my bed sheets once a week because I love the feeling of crawling into a clean, fresh bed every night. I also don’t get in bed at night without taking a shower first so they stay extra clean. If you don’t do this, try it for a week and I promise you’ll love it.

Anyway…I’m pulling the fitted sheet onto the corner of the mattress when I feel a sudden SHARP pain in my lower back which pretty much brought me to my knees. I couldn’t stand for a minute and just leaned up against my mattress for a while… Afterwards, it was very painful to walk/stand/sit for the rest of the day!

I ended up cancelling my Friday at the hospital because I knew I would be totally useless. So, I talked to Tammy, the amazing PTA(20 years experience!!) I observe, and told her about my “injury” and she said it sounded like sciatica and something to do with my piriformis muscle and her advice was, “ice, ice, ice” and to GENTLY do the Figure 4 Stretch.

The figure 4 stretch Tammy told me to do. I do it 3X a day, 30sec each leg. I do it GENTLY and I don’t push it to pain.

PT amazes me every time! I love the fact that balancing our bodies’ regular movement patterns can heal us. I mean, I’m nowhere near healed, but the stretching is helping, and so is the ice, and I’m going to take it easy for a while. But I’ll do updates on everything I’m doing to get better.

So, not the most adventurous or thrilling injury story, but I really feel like that’s what I get for not exercising and sitting too much, and being in the longest rut ever.

*Lesson of the day: Stay in shape so you don’t injure yourself making your bed…

Do you have experience with piriformis injuries? How did you get out of your fitness rut?

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5 thoughts on “Reason #237 to get out of a fitness rut

  1. Jess – Great Blog and I’m going to print and use your routing. I’m always having problems with my sciatica nerve and this looks like a simple movement. I got out of my fitness routine far too many years ago – I can’t believe I used to run 10 miles a day and bike 20. Now that I’m older, I’ve fallen off the proverbial white horse. We also used to go dancing almost every night and with the decline in my husband’s health, that’s not happening and I’ve always maintained that’s the best exercise of all in that you have so much fun. One of my primary issues now is my knees. We attended a concert last night and I know there must have been a good 300 steps to go down and then climb again. We had orchestra seats and little did I know how many steps that would involve. The concert was worth the pain but would have been nicer without. I’m guessing my knees are shot from running on concrete and pavement for 40 years or so.

    1. Thank you! I’m having fun with blogging so far. And yes, I agree – the best exercise is the one you love to do. I used to run a lot too (not quite 10 miles/day – that’s amazing!). What do you do to keep active these days? Also, what kind of dancing did you and your husband enjoy? My boyfriend has been teaching me Rumba, and it is definitely a challenge!

    1. Hey! It feels good to me after sitting for too long Lol! Kinda the exact opposite reason. My 2017 fitness goals are all about weight lifting so I’m thinking I’ll be on your blog a lot ;)) thank you for reading!

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