5-Points Friday, Pre-Physical Therapy

She Challenged Me, 5-Points Friday

Sometimes the people we need in life are not the ones we are given… At least this has been true for myself. I was recently reminded just how important it is to keep surrounding myself with people who are good for me ( this “good” is so different for everyone ). Not only am I super selective in ‘real life’, but also in my ‘social media life.’ … Read More She Challenged Me, 5-Points Friday


Prehab > Rehab?

If you’re like me and you’re impatient and never do a proper warm up, then this is for you! I just read this article by Running Injury Specialist, Matt Phillips, called “How to Prevent Running Injuries: Using Prehab to Avoid Rehab.” The whole idea of PREhab for runners is to make yourself stronger so that… Read More Prehab > Rehab?