5-Points Friday, Pre-Physical Therapy

The Mock Interview is a Must

Just got back to North Dakota from travelling to Georgia ( for the interview ) and then Alabama / Florida ( visit my fam ). The interview is on my mind every other second and I just NEED to know. I have a vague back up plan in case I’m not accepted this year. But Plan B just isn’t as alluring as Plan A ( go to PT school like yesterday ). Okay that’s enough of sharing my anxious thoughts..Moving on. This week’s 5-Points Friday is all about sharing an interview question I got, my biggest tip for preparing for PT school interviews, and also sharing a video for pre-PT students. … Read More The Mock Interview is a Must

5-Points Friday, Pre-Physical Therapy

She Challenged Me, 5-Points Friday

Sometimes the people we need in life are not the ones we are given… At least this has been true for myself. I was recently reminded just how important it is to keep surrounding myself with people who are good for me ( this “good” is so different for everyone ). Not only am I super selective in ‘real life’, but also in my ‘social media life.’ … Read More She Challenged Me, 5-Points Friday

Pre-Physical Therapy, Self Improvement

Yellow is the New Med Term Monday

If you took Medical Terminology online( & self-paced!) like I did, then you probably didn’t truly LEARN the material…I mean, I can memorize & then brain dump all day, but what’s the point?
So I started #MedTermMonday for myself so when I get to physical therapy school, I can focus more on learning the new PT school material — and not so much the stuff I should’ve already learned.… Read More Yellow is the New Med Term Monday