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N’Syncope for Med Term Monday

It’s been just over 1 week since I had my first ( & please God hopefully last ) interview for PT school. lol I know..slightly dramatic, but that’s how much I’d love to be a part of PCOM’s new DPT program…The wait is seriously Tearin’ Up My Heart

back to Interview Day —

What was supposed to be a 4 and a half hour day kinda sorta turned into a 5 and a half hour day. ( Not complaining. )

It was a very positive experience; I learned a lot and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it & I promise that post will be here soon ~ it just feels like there’s so much to say so I want to do it right!

One part of interview day gave me an idea for today’s #MedTermMonday.

Let me set the scene for you :: I walked into the building and security directed me to a waiting area where a small group of professionally dressed people were sitting.

There were only 2 seats open so I took a seat and started chatting with the 2 other people nearby.

waiting for the interview day to begin —

I remember complimenting them on their suits ( 1 male, 1 female ) and BTW they were genuine compliments because with all the trouble I had getting my outfit together, I sure appreciate a good-fitting blazer…

Another student ended up joining our little group ( now 2 guys, 2 girls total ) and we talked about our journeys applying to PT schools. One of the guys said he just got accepted to a program yesterday, and the other 2 were still waiting to hear back from schools.

meeting the program director —

Not much later, a tall man in a gray suit came over and introduced himself as the program director.

Next, it was our turn. When I said my name I was surprised when his response was, “You’ve come a long way young lady.” ( because I flew from North Dakota )

I was like OHH SHOOT he knows something about me! ( lol such a funny thought to have because he obviously has a lot of say when it comes to inviting people for interviews so it was no surprise where we’d all be coming from.. )

making a joke about blacking out —

Then, it was time to sign in. We all lined up and I continued talking a little with the girl from my small group.

“What was your name again?”

She said it was Ashley, and I joked, “Oh okay, I’m Jess. I must’ve blacked out earlier when we were introducing ourselves to the director.” HA so funny.

Which brings us back to Med Term Monday~

medical term :: syncope

Definition: Loss of consciousness and postural tone caused by diminished cerebral blood flow – Medical Dictionary

examples: situational syncope, cardiac syncope –

Syncope is due to a temporary reduction in blood flow and therefore a shortage of oxygen to the brain. This leads to lightheadedness or a “black out” episode, a loss of consciousness.” –


And now I can look back fondly on my interview experience and just be thankful that syncope did not occur. #MedTermMonday


As you can see, I’m long-winded with my stories…

Like I just talked about a tiny part of the day, and it took an entire post. That’s why I’ll be easing into the whole PT school interview ordeal. It was a big day for me so I want to write it right you know? 🙂

I’m writing this on Saturday because I won’t have time Monday. I’m starting my new job here in North Dakota and I’m really just jumping in without much of an idea about schedule, day to day activities, the usual things you usually know about a job.. I’ll be responsible for volunteer & membership recruitment, fundraising, events management, and it mostly boils down to :: Relationships. Which I love so I’m excited. I’ll update once I know more.

It’s April! What do you plan on achieving this month? What are you working on right now?

Bye Bye Bye,


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  1. NSYNC is my fave! What a great post to read this morning! Best of luck to you as you start your new job, Jess. I look forward to hearing more about your interviews!

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