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The Mock Interview is a Must

Just got back to North Dakota from travelling to Georgia ( for the interview ) and then Alabama / Florida ( visit my fam ). The interview is on my mind every other second and I just NEED to know. I have a good back up plan in case I’m not accepted this year. But Plan B just isn’t as alluring as Plan A ( go to PT school like yesterday ). Okay that’s enough of sharing my anxious thoughts..Moving on. This week’s 5-Points Friday is all about sharing an interview question I got, my biggest tip for preparing for PT school interviews, and also sharing a video for pre-PT students. 

most popular tweet —

I shared an interview question I got to answer at PCOM last week and it got a lot of engagement on twitter ( would love to hear your answer too! )

pre-PT tip of the week —

Understand the importance of a Mock Interview for PT School!

Can’t stress this enough… I talked about it a little on Instagram soon after the mock interview, but I need to mention it here too :: do not skip the mock interview!

Dr. Jasmine Marcus, a DPT, editor, writer, and overall MVP did mine.

Dr. Jasmine Marcus, DPT profile photo on twitter. Writer, Editor, and Columbia DPT alum

[ SIDE NOTE ] I’m even going to write a testimonial for how helpful it was for her to interview me because it was the single best thing I did in order to prepare for the real day.

We talked for over an HOUR.. That is a lot of time for a PT to spend with a pre-PT student esp one they’ve never met!

Here are 3 big things I realized in the mock interview :: 

  1. I needed to get to the point quicker when answering.
  2. I needed to put a more positive spin on my answers.
  3. When asking them questions, I needed to ask more about their personal thoughts / feelings on the program.

I’ll share more on this & the testimonial once it’s finished, but for now you can connect with Dr. Jasmine ::
Find her Linktree >>> here.
& her website >>> here.

book I’m reading —

A Wrinkle in Time ~ I finished this in like 2 days. I was travelling back to North Dakota for that first day, so I was kinda stuck on a plane with nothing else to do but read so that’s how that happened so fast.


Anyway, it was a good story ~ I could tell it was a children’s book, but I still enjoyed it :)) I put it in the category of “I can wait til it gets to Netflix” kinda movies if that means anything to you.. 

BTW…picked the book up at the little snacks/magazine store in the airport — they have this thing where you can buy a used book for 1/2 off because someone else bought it full price, and then returned it for a 1/2 refund. Still not the cheapest book ever, but if you’ve gotta buy one at the air port this is the way to do it!

video I’m watching —

I’ve said it before, and I’m just going to have to keep saying how awesome Casey & Joses are over at Pre-PT Grind. They just know exactly what pre-physical therapy students want to learn & they deliver every time! Constantly impressed with those two.

Here is their video, How to Make Extra Money as a Pre-PT & DPT Student ::

[ SIDE NOTE on SIDE HUSTLES ] do you have a side hustle? mine is selling clothes on poshmark & ebay 😉

Find Pre-PT Grind ::
on their website >>> here.
& their podcast >>> here.

quote I’m reflecting on —

Good is the enemy of great - Jim Collins.

^^I wrote down this quote when I was at PCOM when the program director was teaching us about the program and curriculum. He said they were looking for people who wanted to embody excellence and said this was one of his fav quotes.

Which of these values is most important for a physical therapist to have? Compassion, Intelligence, or Integrity?

^^Would love to hear thoughts on this ~ even if you don’t have an interest in physical therapy! It is always good to hear what people outside of the PT world think :)) 

Despite starting my new job on Monday, I’m back to the normal posting schedule, #MedTermMondays and 5-Points Fridays. I skipped the last few while visiting family after the interview, and it’s good to be back!

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g2g bother my puppy now bc I’m obsessed + annoying~


p.s. behind the scenes about my PT school interview experience ~ Coming Soon!

4 thoughts on “The Mock Interview is a Must

  1. I am a current SPT and I was accepted to the first school I received an interview at. It was a small group interview, three of us with the director of the PT program. She asked us maybe 3 questions each then asked us if we had any questions. In the moment, I felt so disappointed because she barely got to know me in 3 questions and why I deserved to be there! So what I did was spin questions I had for her so I not only asked questions, but it showed my personality. Things like “I am really interested in pelvic health, are there clinical sites that the school is contracted with where I can get experience in this area?” Is a great way for you to express yourself and show your interest in finding out if the program is a good fit for you as well. And always be honest. Even if it sounds stupid. Honesty goes a long way. I told my interviewer the hardest class I ever took was anatomy and that I spent day and night studying for exams. Afterwards I thought to myself that I sounded so stupid since anatomy is so important in the field, but it was honest and I think that was a big positive.

  2. As someone who used to be a PT patient (OT and ST, too), I believe compassion is paramount. Intelligence is great, but compassion is so important with your patients and their families!

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