5-Points Friday, Pre-Physical Therapy

StopTheCap, 5-Points Friday on a Thursday

Magnesium, Rejection, and #StopTheCap. I learned a lot this week! It’s crazy how much I can get lost in my extracurricular interests when I’m not in an actual college class. I love learning and especially when I get to choose the subject, which is partly why I think I’ll love PT school. I just imagine it ALL being interesting. I listened to Casey & Joses on a recent Pre-PT Grind chat and they mentioned how all the students in the DPT program are on their A-game ( compared to undergrad ) and how different it is to be in school learning what you WANT to learn! This week I share a little about my favorite mineral, a recent disappointment, and an opportunity for pre-PT students to join in on a great physical therapy movement.
And I’m posting on Thursday because Friday is the day that Congress has to make a decision on the Therapy Cap!

update on DPT journey —

I have applied to 4 different programs so far. I know for sure I’ll be applying to at least 1 more, and most likely 2 more total. I’ve only heard back from one.

I recently got my first rejection email. I wasn’t too surprised about being rejected from this specific program because its the only one I didn’t technically qualify for. My GPA was too low.

I decided that if I was going to apply to one whose requirements I didn’t meet, then it was going to be that one.

( p.s. if you want details on which school, then just email me at ptcontender@gmail.com & I’ll tell you everything! I just don’t feel comfortable sharing it here since I’m still going through the application process )

I’ll give you guys more details when the app process is over 😉


what I’m reading —

Magnesium Shows Promise for Treating Mild-Moderate Depression

I’ve mentioned before that I love Natural Vitality tea — a magnesium powder that comes in different flavors. It really knocks me out so it’s great for winding down at the end of the day.

I love it as a hot tea, but you can drink it cold too. My triathlete blogger friend Mia drinks it in cherry juice! { by the way lmk if it’s good cold if you try it }

Magnesium is my fav mineral to learn about, so this article easily got my attention.

It’s from PsychCentral and highlights some research being done on magnesium chloride supplementation and it’s effect on depression symptoms. 

Here’s a quote from it:

“In addition, these positive effects were shown quickly, at two weeks, and the supplements were well-tolerated and similarly effective regardless of age, sex, or use of antidepressants, among other factors.” – Rick Nauert PhD

effects in 2 weeks surprised me! Find the article >>> here.

other ways I get magnesium :: Epsom salt baths, nuts & seeds, leafy greens, quinoa


current events in physical therapy  —


If you follow the #socialPT community, then you’ve probably heard of the Medicare Therapy Cap and how a lot of PT’s ( & students ) are trying to inform the public about an upcoming vote that will affect patients who need therapy. Read more >>>here.

The link took me to a pre-written letter to my legislators. I just had to type my name for an e-signature, my email, and my address. You can sign >>>here.


This was a really cool way for me to learn more about the PT profession bc I had to put some effort in understanding the Cap, and decide whether or not I thought it should be repealed. I encourage any PT hopeful to get in on this!

If you want to learn more about it, here’s a great video by Dr. Stephanie Weyrauch explaining what it’s all about. Find the 4 min vid >>>here.

I’ll be writing more on this soon because I can relate it to someone I met during my PT observation hours :))


video I’m watching  —


Lately, I’ve been getting into everything Vanessa Van Edwards. This is an interview she did on Tom Bilyeu’s show Impact Theory.

You’ll love it if you’re into: self awareness, body language, communication, relationships, personality types, facial expressions, psychology, and even mental energy (?!)

New favorite for sure.

Here’s a link to the 36 Questions she mentions — they’re questions to ask to create intimacy in any relationship! Find it >>> here.


quote I’m reflecting on —

Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience. - APTA Vision Statement

^^^This week’s quote is actually from the American Physical Therapy Association and it’s their vision statement.

What is the new year looking like for you?
Do you find yourself hustling or relaxing more this January?

I’m planning on writing more about getting that rejection email and the plan I’ve come up with moving forward. Until then, if you’re going through the app process ( & kinda struggling through it like me ) don’t feel weird about reaching out! I love talking about this stuff & I’m always welcome to messages 🙂

ttyl <3


p.s. let’s talk on twitter! ( @PTcontender ) I’m hanging out there a lot more now that the semester is over


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  1. The power of magnesium!!!! This post is super informative. You go girl, so proud of you. You are a real go-getter, Jess. Just as a fun fyi.. in nursing Mg and K are the two we probably pay the most attention to and replete the most. It’s amazing how many people are deficient in magnesium!! I knew it was important for the heart, but I didn’t realize it had all these other benefits too. Have a great new year, chica. Can’t wait to keep following along!

    1. Thank you, kenzie!! Always great to hear from you & your point of view as a nurse :)) I didn’t know that about Mg & K so that’s good for me to know! I hope you have a great new year too ❤

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