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Questions on the DPT Application, 5-Points Friday

Questions on the DPT Application. One word for the application process: Daunting. Or at least that’s what I would’ve said a few months ago before I started it. Getting started has definitely been the hardest part of the whole thing. I wondered if I would have anything to say for the Achievements, or Experiences sections. I started to doubt what I have been doing with this past year of my life and worrying that I should’ve done more with my time. The essay questions intimidated me too. I learned that doubting myself before I even began did nothing for me. To anyone overwhelmed with the DPT application, my advice is to stop doubting; don’t give it a second of your energy & instead use that energy to make progress on the application. I’d say good luck, but let’s be real — you just need get started.

favorite question —

In my recent post, The DPT Application is Life?, I wrote about the importance of knowing the answer to this question:

“What would have to happen in your life for you to be a success?” (300 words)

Some essays will have word limits and some will have character limits. This one had a limit of 300 words.

This one flowed the best because I had already thought about it a lot in the past couple of years. I know what values I want to live by and how I want to make a difference in life.

I liked this question best because I think it could help people. Knowing the answer makes life easier. A lot of ‘what to do with my life’ decisions can be simpler if we identify our strengths and beliefs.

challenging question  —

This is the PTCAS essay question that most of us applying to DPT programs will answer:

“What is professionalism in the context of being a student in a doctor of physical therapist degree program?” (4500 characters)

It took a long time for me to figure out how to answer this.

#1. It was the first essay I wrote, and starting is usually hardest.

#2. I was listening to all of this advice from everyone about how to write it instead of just writing what I needed to write. Too much listening, not enough doing.

I finally ignored all the advice and wrote something that I felt I needed to say. It ended up being pretty personal.

One thing that helped A LOT was the Pre-PT Grind essay service. I just emailed them my essay and within a couple hours they had edited and left feedback. They got me to focus on what I was trying to say and made it a million times better. Amazing!

uncomfortable question —

This was on the ‘Other Information’ section of the DPT application.

“Have you ever been disciplined for academic performance (e.g. academic probation, dismissal, suspension, disqualification, etc.) by any college or school?”

Obviously no one wants their answer to be yes…but if it is, then maybe it’s not the end of the world.

I explained how I got reinstated after academic suspension and being grateful for the opportunity to continue my education. I kept it brief because there was a word limit.

And I don’t know if anyone has ever been accepted to a DPT program after that, but I’m still giving it my all.

work in progress question —

Here’s a question I’m currently in the process of answering:

“Describe your experience working or volunteering in a community where location or socioeconomics limit access to health care, food, housing, or social services.” (4500 characters)

I tend to edit a million times before being ready to submit, so I’d say I have a half million more edits to make ha!

Even though I’m not finished, I included this one so you guys have another example of an essay question. Ask me in another week and I should have more to say on this one.

quote I’m reflecting on —

Perfect for quote motivation for your DPT application. The challenge, it turns out, isn't in perfecting your ability to know when to start and when to stand by. The challenge is getting into the habit of starting.

I feel like that Seth Godin quote is so FREEING. Switching to that mindset really takes away any decision. ‘Starting” isn’t a whether I should or should not, it’s just a habit that I need to form. So cool.

If you have applied, what did you struggle with most on your DPT application?
If you haven’t, then what are you most concerned about?

p.s. do you like Seth Godin? I just discovered him & he is my new fav. Loved this YouTube interview, “The Truth About Your Calling,” he did with Marie Forleo: here (btw obsessing over Marie too)

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    1. Ha, I definitely go through that with the editing process! And that’s awesome that you’ve found a way to include something you love (writing/editing) into your PT career – very inspiring 🙂

  1. I haven’t had to apply but you’ve written something that I’m sure many can empathise with and take some tips from. I love that quote, too. Keep going and all the very best with it, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a positive outcome! x

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